9th Grade TRIO Booklet

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of creating the 9th-grade booklet is to have a resource for students to have to prepare them for college. It has resources and advice to help them prepare for their future. This project is for a program called TRIO and it will be used by 9th graders in the Ames, Iowa area.

The biggest objective for this project is to have a resource that introduces the college process to the students. It helps them understand what colleges are looking for and what they should be doing in their high school careers to stand out.


This is the entire finished product. There is one section that is to be added by my supervisor but other than that, this is the completed booklet.


The biggest challenge going through this project is that my supervisor is very busy. I worked hard to communicate with her consistently and she did eventually get back to me regarding my questions.

Another challenge was that I had never done anything like this before. It was a great opportunity due to that but there was a learning curve as I began the project.

Project Processes

I was given a template to work off of and my supervisor gave me a list of all the sections that were needed in the booklet. I then took it by section and searched online and through the resources that she gave me to find the best content to put into the booklet. Weekly, I would have my supervisor look through my progress and give any feedback so that I could update it right away.


Overall, this project was straightforward. There are so many online resources for the sections included and that was crucial for me to finish this project. It was also a great experience to understand what I could be doing in my future career. This was a project that my supervisor did not have time for and I was able to do it for her. It was a real-life experience that I can use for my career.

Insights and Takeaways

The best thing that I could take away from this project was how fulfilling it is to do something to help others find their path. I want to do this for my career and having a supervisor over this project that has achieved what I want to accomplish was an amazing experience. I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to gain more skills that will help me in my career.