Idaho Adventures

Project purpose

Idaho has so much to offer, and there is so much beauty in Eastern Idaho. I have a passion for finding adventure, and I wanted to give others the opportunity to make long lasting memories with their friends.

For my project, I decided to create a blog page and an E-Book on “Idaho Adventures.” A lot of people believe there is nothing to do in Idaho, and I am here to change their mind. My project idea came along when I was thinking about my Freshman year at BYU-Idaho. A lot of people told me there was nothing to do, so I decided to create my own fun. This project is based on ideas and things that you can do to have fun. I believe there is so much to do in Idaho, and I want to give people the opportunity to have fun with their friends.

I have made so many connections and lasting friendships in Idaho. These people are people that I call my best friends and they are some of the best people I know. I am a big fan of the outdoors and exploring new places. I have a passion for writing and creating a blog post and an E-book were the perfect way to share ideas. This was such a good opportunity to spread awareness, and connect with people. I wanted to create posts people can read for new ideas. I think an Ebook was a great idea because I can inspire people and have all of my blog posts in one place. 

The project

Here are some of my posts, and photos I have done created this semester. There are also links to my E-Book and Blog.



Blog posts

E-Book posts


My biggest challenge was finding time during the semester to travel to these locations and take pictures. There are so many great locations and I took the time to look for the best places. It was so rewarding to make time for my project and spend hours outdoors. I am so grateful that I can spread awareness on the beauty of Idaho and what activities Idaho has to offer.

Project processes

In the beginning of the semester, I came up with a list of blog posts I wanted to write. I strived to go on two adventures each week. When I traveled to these locations, I brought friends and made new long lasting connections. I brought a camera to take pictures, and made long lasting memories. I also jotted down ideas for my blog posts and made an E-book.

An overview

I have gained so much from this project. I got the opportunity to improve my writing skills and work on something I am passionate about. I got to meet people, create memories, and improve my photo skills. I also got the opportunity to create my own blog, edit photos, and create an E-Book. I have gained skills that I can take with me into my future career.

Insights or takeaways

This project taught me how to set goals, create deadlines, and work consistently on a project. I gained such great communication skills, and got to interact with friends and peers. I also got the opportunity to focus on my writing and make a blog. I am so grateful for the blogs I have made and the opportunity to spread awareness to others.