Mikayla DeMaio- Child and Family Wellbeing Community Conversation

Strategic Organizational Communication

Project Summary:

I will be organizing a community conversation in Rigby, Idaho in future partnership with Upper Valley Child Advocacy and the school district. The date of this community conversation is to be determined; however, I believe that this event is important for the community of Rigby and so I will be making the preparations necessary. The name of this event will be Child and Family Wellbeing. The purpose is to bring community members together to have open dialogue with select professionals and community members on how to help the children and families of Rigby thrive.

There have been a few incidents in Rigby over the last couple of years that have brought up concerns for the community members, especially families. This is a time where healing and honest, open conversations have the potential to make a big difference in the community. It is important because this is where we can uncover the needs of the community members and what role each of us has in fulfilling those needs.

The plan is to gather data from surveys to find what are the most important topics to bring up in the conversation, and how people feel about it. Then, we will contact members of the community, such as legislators, social workers, police officers, teachers, parents, etc. and invite them to the event. I will be designing various materials for the event and using several promotion strategies.

The event will be held at a school in Rigby, and as people come in, they will be given a name tag with a random selection of numbers from 1-3. There will be guest speakers, at the beginning of the event, and then there will be three tables that each focus on different topics. There will be a professional facilitator, and a note taker.

I will be identifying outreach targets, identifying effective questions for the survey, preparing/organizing social media posts pertaining to the topic, creating a contact list, creating reading material, creating a timeline for the event, creating flyers and invitations, and making thank you letters.