The Numbers Behind PR Plan


The Numbers Behind is a social media brand focusing on the statistics that dominate the sports world everything is looked at through the lens of the numbers. TNB is run by my good friend Cooper and his brother Carter. The fact that this project was to help such a close friend made me really invested in making whatever I created for them at the best level that I could make it. At the end of the day the purpose of this exercise was to do something that could help move TNB forward. They’ve had some drop-off in the amount of growth they’ve been experiencing both in YouTube and Instagram and we’re looking for what they could do to change that.


The main challenge we faced was understanding exactly the best way to solve the problem. Upon the inception of this exercise, we felt maybe blog posts and longform media and maybe a website redesign could help push TNB higher in search engine optimization algorithms. We spent a few weeks working on that only to pivot into logo and brand redesign. After a few weeks of a logo and brand redesign Cooper and Carter thought that maybe there were more things that they would need to investigate. At this point I suggested creating a public relations campaign for them. I felt that with as many ways as there are to solve the problem of gaining new followers maybe a public relations campaign breaking down what could be the best options might be the best use of everyone’s time.


The process of the public relations campaign was All in all not absurdly difficult. Carter Cooper and myself sat down and looked through their current YouTube videos and Instagram content to see maybe what they lacked and so they could help me get a better understanding of exactly what they were going for, what their vision as a company is. From there it was mostly up to me to create a situational analysis and begin to build a public relations campaign based on their vision for the company and my analysis of what they need. It was a fun subject for me too research and investigate not only because they’re my friends but also because it’s based around sports. Even if it’s looking at algorithm optimizations and what kind of content, they may be missing it was still fun to help them figure out how to push content that I’m interested in.


The biggest take away that I got was how it can feel to do public relations work on a more individual basis. A lot of the projects that we do in school put you in a group to do the brunt of the public relations work that you’ll do. It was very eye opening for me to be able to take the problems that I thought were most important and build plan off of them. It also really helped me understand the importance of teamwork. With its much time as I put into this PR plan I’m sure with a team we could have come up with more solutions and more tactics and more strategies to help the client in new and creative ways.