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For my project, I wanted to help college students learn the strategies that will best prepare them to graduate with an exciting career ahead of them instead just a degree. I feel I have learned several “cheat codes” that have helped me land my dream job at my dream company after graduation and I wanted to share everything I could before leaving BYU-I. The project is centered around a three-step process walking clients through proven strategies to find their unique strengths, perfect their resume, and successfully network with the organizations that interest them. Most of the actual content is concepts and strategies that I can’t claim as my own so the bulk of my project is collecting, presenting, and promoting the material. About 20 percent of my hours come from working with students and walking them through the steps of the program. The rest of the hours spent come from these key areas:

  • Formatting program content – 5 percent.
  • Interviewing professionals on best practices – 5 percent.
  • Logo design – 20 percent
  • Website design and copy – 15 percent.
  • Promotional video and Instagram ads – 25 percent.
  • Paid promotion of these ads online – 10 percent.

This project showcases my skills in professional one-on-one coaching, design, and marketing. I loved working with the students I met through this project and am hoping to continue to work with others that could stand to benefit from what I have learned.

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Poster Concept.
Instagram promotion metrics. I created a highly targeted audience of current BYU-I students in Rexburg. The results are underwhelming due to my small daily budget.