KT’s Bookkeeping Website Creation

Project purpose or objectives

The purpose of this project was to create a website for Katie Colyns and her business she plans to start up. She’s a bookkeeper and wanted to freelance, so she asked me to create a website for her that perspective customers could turn to for a consultation.

The project

Images 1-5: Home Page
Images 6-7: Programs Page
Images 8-10: Booking Online Page
Images 11-12: Contact Page

Challenges encountered in completing the project

I hadn’t created a full-blown website that would require bookings before. The only thing I’d created was my portfolio, and that isn’t complicated. Learning how to work bookings was new for me, but I was able to figure it out.

Project processes

I started out with a talk about her brand logo, name, and color scheme. Once we’d figured out what she wanted for all of that I was able to start on her website. I would complete one page of the website, show it to her and we’d fix whatever she didn’t like and move on to the next page. I worked closely with her about the programs she wanted and what should go into each program. After I finished the website, I got a final approval and she loved it!

An overview of the experiences you had

I started off feeling pretty sure that I knew what I was doing, especially when talking about the logo, name, and color scheme. It was a completely different ballpark when I finally got to creating the different pages to her website. I’m not one for “learning as I go” but that was the tactic I took with this project. I really enjoyed finding the different icons that were used for her website. It was different to work on a website because my focus in my major is Video Production, so this job was out of my comfort zone.

What insights or takeaways you have gained from the project?

As I said previously, this job was very different from what I normally do and focus on. It was out of my skillset a little and out of my comfort zone. I did learn that I can build a website, which is always good to know. I also learned that I don’t have to do things all one way all the time. I learned this when I had to work the website by trial and error versus having someone show me how to work it and do it from there. I’ve always been more of a visual learner like that, but this was something I wanted to do on my own and struggle my way through.