Sammy Stevenson Communication Practicum Project

This past semester, I have had the opportunity to create a website for the Instagram page book_of_mormon_365. This site was made on SquareSpace, a site which I had never used before I was asked to create this site. It was a learning experience, so here are my outtakes.


The purpose of this website was for a place for users to find easy access to the reading charts that the Instagram page follows along with. With over 70,000 users and over 100 joining daily, everyone is at a different place in their reading. Having this website available to them helps them start and read at their own pace, instead of trying to catch up to the Instagram or waiting to start at the new year.

Project Overview:

Here is a video showing the website I created.


I had a few challenges while doing this project. The main one was creating this site in HTML. I am new to HTML so gathering what I knew and implementing it on a site that thousands will see was a lot of pressure. Luckily, I had a lot of resources that made it quite easy to ask questions and get answers.

Another challenge I had was time. A big portion of the project relied on reaching out to others for permission to share their work and many took their time to respond. To this day, we are still waiting for artists and businesses to respond.


This project was one that I learned a lot from. Learning a new program + learning HTML + learning business contracts to gain permission was all new to me. I know that without this project, I wouldn’t gain the experience of building a site from scratch and making it represent a brand that I am proud of!