Caleb Christensen: T-Rexburg LA Tournament

Tournament Overview/What is the purpose?

T-Rexburg is the ultimate frisbee club team located in Rexburg, Idaho. The team is not affiliated with the school for most of its members are students a BYU-Idaho. I have been a member for the past three years and it has made my college experience enjoyable. This team has been a beginner club for most of its conception, because we have multiple semesters and it makes it hard to keep players around. Another reason is the fact that we play top tier teams with players that have been playing longer than most of our players. With all this in mind, the leader ship wanted to strive to make a change and one of the first things we thought about was an alumnus from our team who is currently in Southern California and has a lot of connections with the teams down there. Knowing that we wanted to make a tournament there where we were not only faced top tier teams, but use it to learn how to truly run a successful club ultimate frisbee team.


There was a lot of work to be done to try to make this a successful tournament. All in all, is included:

  • Cold calling teams
  • Making connections
  • Dates and times
  • Expenses
  • What we are trying to achieve

There are always going to be challenges when striving to put together a sports tournament of this caliber, but I wasn’t expecting to run to the challenges that I did. One of the challenges I didn’t expect to run into was having to start from scratch about halfway through. What I mean by that is after I made some calls and figured out some of the expenses, dates, and times we ran into the issue of trying to have field space, but also having the right teams join us. Also, there are some things on my end I couldn’t control that even the Tournament Director couldn’t control and it made it frustrating. We were able to overcome that obstacle, and we will to figure out all the details that we need to have this come of age.

Hope for the best!

Reading this heading may confuse you and may have you asked a question what do you mean by hope for the best. This is what I mean what I mean is when it comes to creating a sports tournament, no matter how much work you put into creating it, and figure out every little detail, there is always some unknowns that can cause it to fall apart this being getting enough players from our side to attend and raise enough money for travels, with this being a very beginner club, it makes it hard to receive the funds for this type of expense. Also striving to get enough players that can commit to this for months in advance can awesomeness get difficult because of how the semesters lineup at BYU Idaho, and having some people not knowing their future, and what it holds with the team, education, family, etc. This team deserves this type of trip to get out of the phase of being a beginner level club and striving to become more of an intermediate, and one day advanced level club. I hope that this tournament can be a big turnaround for this club and even frisbee has a whole in this area.