Corinne Calderwood – Child and Adolescent Well-Being Event

Management of an Event and People

Strategic Organization Emphasis with Certificates in Human Resource Management and Business Leadership

Something to note, is that this event has not occurred. My project is focused on the background work on preparing for the event as well as converting volunteer outreach effort into data.

Event Summary:

Child and Adolescent Well-Being has been a concern for the Idaho population for a long time as there has been a rise in suicide and decreased levels of mental health. This is why an Adolescent Crisis Center is being built within the coming months to help out with this dire need. Following the Eastern Idaho Community Needs Assessment, it was discovered that poverty, hunger, and mental health were major concerns for this demographic group.

This is why Voice has created an event to showcase available resources within the Eastern Idaho area as well as a panel discussion from key representatives to determine specific pain points within the poverty, hunger and mental health topics.

We have invited distant communities within the Eastern Idaho counties and ensured school board members, principals, super intendants, counselors, administrators, and local-level elected officials were willing to come to the event we are hosting.

The Project Charter:

This is a booklet that I created that is filled with the plans that are in place for this event. It includes plans for accessibility, environmental concerns, safety protocols, how to train the volunteers, and hotel budget information for guests who are from outlining communities. This document serves as the guidelines for the event, help volunteers to know how to handle emergencies, and helps Voices’ future events.

Here are some pages of that booklet.

Data Analysis of Outreach:

Voice Volunteer Core has utilized many volunteers since its inception; however, it has struggled to showcase and highlight the contributions of volunteers who have excelled. So, I have taken it upon myself to teach the director of Voice on how to itemize and convert efforts into data.

Using Google Data Studio, it can take information from google sheets and convert it into charts and graphs. It can show different ways to split the data to showcase different concerns.

This data shows how outreach has supported the focus areas and topics of this event as well as the occupations of the outreached effort.

The data on the left shows how the outreach effort targeted the various counties within the Eastern Idaho Area. The data on the right shows the individual efforts of the volunteers, although their names are covered to protect their anonymity.

Lessons Learned:

I created a poster to showcase the lessons that I have learned while working on this project. This project involved many different individuals, so it was important to know how to communicate and when to act.


To sum up my project, I practiced the art of management. I was able to prioritize and clarify various aspects of the event and create different protocols and statements for Voice Advocacy. I have also been able to convert the efforts of volunteers into data to showcase to Voices’ director. This allows for recognition and satisfaction of the volunteers as their work is recognized. This project has been a great experience for me to utilize the skills I have learned in college and help bring a positive change to a non-profit.

Time Log:

This is a pie chart of the hours I spent on this project. I spent over 50 hours on this project, and this is the breakdown for it. It reads as “Meetings, 18, 30%” which is 18 hours spent in meetings which resulted in 30% of my project.