Connor Olson – Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo

Project This semester I had the opportunity to help the local Trout Unlimited chapter in the area, known as the Snake River Cutthroats, prepare for their upcoming Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo set to happen on March 24th and 25th. Most of my work for this project was focused on making improvements to the SnakeContinue reading “Connor Olson – Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo”

Chelsea Paniagua- Ayer, Hoy y Mañana

Public Relations Emphasis PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project was born out of a passion to amplify Hispanic/Latino voices. I grew up with parents who moved to the US but I grew up in the US, which gave me the idea to write the story of two Hispanic/Latino audiences. Those who moved here and then the children/youthContinue reading “Chelsea Paniagua- Ayer, Hoy y Mañana”

Catherine Stewart – Make Room Decluttering – PR Campaign

Emphasis: Public Relations – Fall 2022 Photo: BYU-I Photography Make Room is a new business that is working to help people make their homes a place where they can breath. This is done by meeting with people and discussing what areas of their home or space they want to declutter. The moto of the companyContinue reading “Catherine Stewart – Make Room Decluttering – PR Campaign”

Rachel Mayes | Rebranding with Rob

PUBLIC RELATIONS EMPHASIS SUMMARY & EVALUATION For this project, I worked with my client Robert Doxey on rebranding his growing business, Real Growth Solutions. With my background in both public relations and visual media, I worked with him on the design elements of his business as well as working to help him better market himselfContinue reading “Rachel Mayes | Rebranding with Rob”

Justine Baughan: Rexburg College of Massage Therapy Community Outreach and Publicity

Public Relations Justine Baughan’s Project Overview The Rexburg College of Massage Therapy (RCMT) was founded in September 2013; Shane Humphrey opened the college because of the area’s continual interest in the massage therapy industry. Since opening, there have been six to eight different Directors of Education; and just in the last six months, there haveContinue reading “Justine Baughan: Rexburg College of Massage Therapy Community Outreach and Publicity”

Cottage Meeting at Tabitha’s Way Food Pantry

Project Objective I have worked for Tabitha’s Way Food Pantry in Spanish Fork Utah as their Community Development Coordinator for the last 3 months. My first assignment was to plan their Cottage Meeting fundraiser on June 15, 2022. The goal of the event is to reach out to members of the community who have means,Continue reading “Cottage Meeting at Tabitha’s Way Food Pantry”

Ashlyn Clark- Pioneering an HR Department

Ashlyn Clark PR Emphasis Project Summary Frozen Dessert Supplies is the #1 online distributor for frozen dessert shops in the United States. As I begun my position in HR for this company, my employer explained that I would be pioneering the department. My first step was to research what the company already had established, andContinue reading “Ashlyn Clark- Pioneering an HR Department”

Nick Leavitt-Increased Sales for Ariel Crochets

Nick Leavitt Public Relations Emphasis Ariel Crochets is a small business that runs the majority of its business through an Etsy shop. Over the past few months, Etsy has begun to raise its fees and prices. Ariel Crochets has struggled to keep up with its profits. As a result, they needed someone to put togetherContinue reading “Nick Leavitt-Increased Sales for Ariel Crochets”

Paulina Yep – Event Plan for La Michoacana

Project Objective Hi everyone! I created an event plan for an ice cream shop called La Michoacana, located in the Chicago Area called Cicero. They are launching a new ice cream flavor, avocado coming early May. They have asked me to help them plan a promotional event at their main location on May 4th. SinceContinue reading “Paulina Yep – Event Plan for La Michoacana”

Isaac Briggs – This is Superlame: Website Build and Instagram Managing

WEBSITE INSTAGRAM Superlame is a clothing store /music venue here in Rexburg, Idaho, run by brothers Ernie and Ethan Lozano. The Lozano’s desired to expand their online presence in the ways of E-Commerce, Blog Posting and Social Media. Together, we decided to launch a website, consisting of an online shop, a blog and a localContinue reading “Isaac Briggs – This is Superlame: Website Build and Instagram Managing”