Benjamin Jolley

Video Production

Idea to Script for a TV Show Pilot

For my Senior Project I decided to go through the process of how an idea becomes a script for a TV Show Pilot. For the process I used one of my own ideas for a tv series. However, I discovered not many people would know about this, so I created a three-minute instructional video of the process with live recordings of my work with a link to access a document called the Idea Template as a gift to the world. I have also created a five-minute and forty-one second PowerPoint Presentation as an extended version of the video to add in some additional knowledge on the subject along with a physical illustration of the process to act as a roadmap.

Video Links:

Breakdown Of Time Spent:

Filling out Idea Template – 30 minutes

Creating Working Title & Official Title- 25 minutes

Writing Logline – 5 minutes

Writing Synopsis – 15 minutes

Writing Treatment – 8 hours

Writing Script – 9 hours

Reviewing Script – 1 hour

Editing Instructional Video – 20 hours

Creating Blank Idea Template & Link – 10 minutes

Creating Presentation – 8 hours

Recording Presentation – 1 hour

Ordering Materials – 2 hours

Roadmap – 15 minutes

Cost Spent: $4.46