Rexburg Deals Marketing Revamp | By: Brooklyn Morrill

Author & Designer: Brooklyn Morrill


Rexburg Deals is a company that partners with local businesses in Southeast Idaho that has an online digital coupon book for students, residents, and others who may be passing through. The objective of this project was to help give the Rexburg Deals brand a slight facelift in terms of its branding. They had been somewhat quiet on their social media over the last couple of months and the owner wanted to make sure when they started posting again that their content was branded and consistent. Additionally, the website also needed some rebranding and adjustments to make it more user-friendly. The website changes have not gone live due to the client’s request and will not be shown or discussed in this report, although they are complete.  

Work Samples

As mentioned earlier, the main goal was to rebrand and establish the changes throughout the company’s digital and printed media. Here are some examples I can share:

This is the rebrand! New fonts and colors were chosen to better represent Rexburg Deals. Additionally, we pulled inspiration from the Madison School District and BYU-Idaho as they make a large difference in the community, and a lot of people associate with one or the other – maybe even both. We also wanted to highlight the natural beauty that is found in this area hence the light-yellow color.

The client also wanted to have flyers designed so that he could use them for advertising purposes. This is the first flyer that was made – it is a 5 x 7 inch, front, and back. It will look best when printed in color! The main goal with this was to make it very simple and easy to read.

The next item that I designed was this door flyer. When designing this, I had to make sure that when the hole was put in the top to hang it on a door, everything else on the flyer would still be easy to see and not cut off anything important.

One of the last things I worked on for this project was social media templates. Not only should the clients see what deals are offered but also have ideas of what to do with the deals. Providing ideas for summer fun and date nights is a new feature on the Rexburg Deals social media. Also, posting reviews and information about how to use the deal directory was a post that was lacking from the feed but will now be posted more consistently from now on.


One of the biggest challenges that I faced with this project was learning the program that Rexburg Deals has used previously to design their website. The program is Elementor. At first, I was quite confused with how it worked but after testing it out and watching the videos in the “help” section of their website, I was able to pick it up rather quickly!

Project Process

I started this project by coming up with a rebrand. This was done first since everything that I worked on after had to follow the new branding guidelines. Once the rebrand was approved, I started working on the website a little bit each week. Simultaneously I would work on a printable document like the flyer, door hanger, or other business cards! Throughout the design process, I would meet with the client to find out if he liked the new designs, and then we would make changes as necessary. It was very important to me that my client could be involved in the process.

Final Insights

Overall, working on this project was an extremely positive experience for me. I was happy to be helping a local company and learning from a skilled mentor who has a lot of experience in the marketing world. One of my biggest takeaways was realizing how important it is to make sure your clients feel involved in the design process and that you take their ideas into consideration. It is their business after all!