From Me to You (The Art of the Spoken Word) By Nick Anderson

The Spoken Word Since the dawn of time, communication has been ingrained in the very soul of humankind. We as a species thrive on communication as it is important for us to understand what we are experiencing. Whether we are giving directions on a road to telling someone how our day is, speaking is incrediblyContinue reading “From Me to You (The Art of the Spoken Word) By Nick Anderson”

Orientation: Creating an Employee Handbook

By: Miranda Lee Project Purpose The purpose of my project was to create an employee handbook in order to help L&L sales create a more defined HR system and employee orientation, while also having company policies and procedures readily available. My Project I created an employee handbook complete with different information and policies for newContinue reading “Orientation: Creating an Employee Handbook”

Career and Academic Advising: Training Standardization

Lynsey Donahoo Project Objective I have worked in the BYU-Idaho Career and Academic Advising for almost two years as a Peer Advisor and as the Student Employment Specialist. In my current role as the Employment Specialist, I have the opportunity to assist in hiring, onboarding, and training new employees. After completing the new hire trainingContinue reading “Career and Academic Advising: Training Standardization”

The Katelyn Thompson Podcast: Keys to Success

A Podcast Project Overview Created by Katelyn Thompson Over the past three months, I, Katelyn Thompson, have been working on a project to produce podcast episodes talking about the qualities it takes to become successful. This podcast is geared towards college seniors at Brigham Young University- Idaho in order to help them succeed after theyContinue reading “The Katelyn Thompson Podcast: Keys to Success”

Brochure Design for Southern Virginia University

By Jake Daly I. Project Purpose The aim of this project was to design engaging, informative brochures that encapsulate the vibrant educational experience at Southern Virginia University (SVU). By distilling the unique strengths, facilities, and campus life that SVU offers, the brochures are intended to catch the eye of prospective students and provide them withContinue reading “Brochure Design for Southern Virginia University”