Angelle Erickson- SEO Copywriting

Project Objective

The objective of my project was to gain a greater insight into today’s adapting medium of SEO copywriting. Contributing as a copywriter for an advertising agency that focuses solely on SEO advertisement, I wanted to gain the most experience I could in developing a strong skillset for writing and producing content relevant to its mission and services or materials offered. The final outcome would be 50+ Custom Signal posts, Google Blog Posts, and Company blog posts written and published as active advertisements and content for the agency’s clients.


Due to the strict structure and layout of each style of content or blog post being written for the clients, there came a common and ongoing redundancy in the wordage used in each post that was similar in topics. This provided me the challenge to break outside of a common topic and try to cover something new each time in accordance with the Google writing setup and structure. This opportunity also showed me what my weaknesses were as a writer, i.e., grammar, common sentence structure, and content creativity.


Every week I spent on average 12 hours writing mainly custom signal posts and Google blog posts, and every 4 weeks, I wrote company blog posts and designed them according to graphics. The more I worked on each task for each client, I tried to focus not on the timeline, but rather, on the quality of the written content and how portrayed each client and their goals. As I finished each piece, I recognized my development as a writer and a team player in an agency. Meeting deadlines, creating resources for myself and my teammates to help improve the workflow of producing content, and ultimately making content ready for publishing. In the end, I had written approximately:

– 1 company persona campaign

– 2 company blog posts

– 144 Google Blog Posts

– 80 custom signal posts


Although this isn’t a career I will ultimately pursue long-term, I have to develop an appreciation for those who make it their daily goal and passion to write content that is well-written and developed. Not only does it take time and attention, but as well as moxie and determination to write content that helps a business fulfill its purpose and raise awareness to others of their services.

SEO copywriting and advertisement is truly the medium of adapting advertisement, and this will be a useful skill I can carry to any future employer and help them benefit from the tool that it is. As I move forward in my career and developing education, I will take the lessons of development, progress, and creativity from this experience into all that I do.