Cameron Holdaway- Captain Justice- a Short Film

Video Production

My senior project is a demonstration of the process of producing a narrative short film, beginning with the conception of an idea, and progressing through pre-production and ultimately to post-production. I spent considerable time outlining my story and writing a character description for my main actor, then I began writing the script. Once the script was completed, I made a storyboard of the shots I planned to use, to visualize how the scenes would look on film. Next, I arranged the cast and crew and began filming and editing. To demonstrate pre-production, I will show: the completed script and storyboard, pictures of possible filming locations, as well as my outline and character description. For production I have behind the scenes pictures and videos shot by one of my crew members which will give an idea of how the scenes were set up and shot. Finally, for post-production, I will display screenshots of the editing process, from the initial assembly of the footage, as well as color correction and other visual effects.

This project showcases the knowledge and skills I have gained from my studies as a Video Production Communications emphasis student at BYU-Idaho and it is my hope to show my passion for storytelling and the filmmaking process through a story I wrote, directed, produced, edited, and filmed.

Captain Justice Premise

Captain Justice is a comedy short film about an ordinary, comic book loving young man who dreams of being a superhero, only to learn the hard way that fighting crime isn’t as easy as the comics make it look. On the verge of giving up his dream, he gets the chance to do something heroic, though, not in a way he is expecting. The lesson he learns in the end is that you can be yourself and still be a hero.

Senior Project Hours Worked

DateHours WorkedDescription of Activities
Sep 290.5Met with my faculty mentor to discuss my project proposal. He approved my project.
Sep 303Worked on outlining my story, write character descriptions, and began writing the draft of the screenplay for my short film.
Oct 12Continued working on the script for the short film.
Oct 44Storyboarding
Oct 72Storyboarding
Oct 92Costume/prop shopping
Oct 122Location Scouting
Oct 130.5Met with faculty mentor to talk about my script and receive feedback
Oct 153Went over script with main actor, checked out equipment,
Oct 164Blocked the first few scenes and did a practice shoot/rehersal, practiced with the equipment
Oct 195Did a read-through of the script with main actor, set up equipment, rehersed, shooting
Oct 254Checking out equipment/Filming
Oct 273Editing
Nov 24Checkout equipment/set up shoot/ filming
Nov 33Editing
Nov 83Filming lat two scenes
Nov 105Editing
Nov 113Editing final touches
Nov 134.5Editing
Nov 143Design Movie Poster