Maddie Hughart-How To Build a Confident Closet

Emphasis: Digital and Social Media

I love fashion and have been into it for a long time. Working in the retail industry, as well as running my own fashion blogs and social media pages. One thing I love most about it though is sharing that with others and helping them find their fashionable self. This is something I’ve seen people struggle with and ask me for help, from my friends, coworkers, followers, and family. This is where the initial idea for the E-Book came from. I hope that you too can feel my passion and enthusiasm to help with this project.

How To Build a Confident Closet is the fashion eBook I created for my senior project. I wrote, edited and designed all of the book using Adobe InDesign. My target audience for this book is young females ages 16-25. The 50+ hours it took to work on and compose this project has helped to curate a unified E-Book where young adults can draw inspiration from. Many lack a sense of direction in how to up their style and feel confident in themselves when they wear clothes. Helping to empower women is a driving force behind my efforts over the course of the project and my continuation of it afterward. Using my passion and talents, I want to continue to work hard to promote good in the world through things that I love. I know the genuine nature of these efforts will have a greater effect.