Emma Carey – Fusion Fox Financial, LLC

Fusion Fox Financial, LLC is a family-owned property investment company that was in need of a freshly built foundation for their company to get things up and running.

They didn’t have much of a digital presence, so in order to fix that, I focused on 3 main areas of improvement.

  • Style Guide
  • Social
  • Website

Style Guide

To improve their style guide, I created a color scheme based on a color that was used for their old logo. I expanded on that color scheme with some complementary colors and formed a logo based on that.


Fusion Fox Financial, LLC didn’t have an active social media page. In order to solve that, I created a page for them using their new style guide and started posting educational content and updates for their audience.


Fusion Fox Financial, LLC was also in need of a place to keep their previous projects and potential rentals. To solve this problem, a website was created. This website currently holds details on their current and previously completed projects. It explains the history of Fusion Fox Financial, LLC as well as their intentions as property investors. This site was created using WordPress and Elementor. In order to make it more SEO friendly, image alt text was implemented in the back-end of the site.

This site was launched using Flywheel and has a GoDaddy domain. I look forward to adding more to this project in the near future.

Working for Fusion Fox Financial, LLC taught me a lot about collaborating with clients to make something great. Communication was key in making things happen, and I look forward to continuing to improve their brand.