Liquid Death Spec Ad – Murray Rodriguez Video Production

“There is nothing I love more than telling a good story.” — Murray Rodriguez A STORY & A PROJECT There is magical feeling I get when I stand behind a camera and focus in on a shot. I feel that same magic in the edit bay when I piece together footage, sound, and music toContinue reading “Liquid Death Spec Ad – Murray Rodriguez Video Production”


A Photography & Art Business GOALS: I am passionate about art and photography and have always dreamed of finding a way to combine those two into a business. My goal was to create a social media and web based platform where I could advertise and offer my services. I wanted to have an active businessContinue reading “Ashley”

Jake Daly – PLANetary

Emphasis: Advertising Project Summary For my project, I designed the user experience (UX) for an innovative app that helps people better plan their week. The main goal of the app is to simplify the process of scheduling and organizing one’s time by integrating with existing Google or Outlook calendars and using artificial intelligence (AI) toContinue reading “Jake Daly – PLANetary”

Sariah Bock- Clear Choice Plumbing & Rooter Inc.

Sariah Bock- Advertisment Emphasis Project summary: For this project I was able to help out a business that just started in Southern California. They don’t have much exposure and didn’t have a website or anything else. I was able to create a website for this plumbing business along with creating google ads, an infographic, andContinue reading “Sariah Bock- Clear Choice Plumbing & Rooter Inc.”

Social Media Content Creation BYU-I McKay Library

Project Summary A couple of years ago, I had the incredible opportunity to do my internship with BYU-Pathway. I worked in the social media team creating daily posts for their different social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Before working with them, I never knew of the creative skills I had. After working forContinue reading “Social Media Content Creation BYU-I McKay Library”

Ryan Doyle- Building a Business Plan for Long-Term Growth

Advertising Emphasis Project Summary I chose to build a business plan, as well as an internal strategic focus plan for Macha Media. I am in the process of applying for law school with the intention of eventually practicing corporate law and felt that writing for a business like this would be beneficial to my long-termContinue reading “Ryan Doyle- Building a Business Plan for Long-Term Growth”

Bryce Hanson – Finding Our Infinity – Musical Album – Advertising and Social Media Strategy

Advertising | Social Media Marketing About Me Hello! My name is Bryce Hanson and I am a Senior majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and Social Media Marketing. Growing up, I have always had a passion for listening, playing and writing music. I began playing the piano when I was four years oldContinue reading “Bryce Hanson – Finding Our Infinity – Musical Album – Advertising and Social Media Strategy”

Shilo Vanderlinden – TEDx Rexburg Social Media

Advertising Project Summary TEDx Rexburg wants to be known as thought leaders, innovators, creators, dreamers, etc. My goal is to help grow TEDx Rexburg’s follows, engagement, brand and presence on their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and help them do more events. My project was to create a style guide or social media guidebook,Continue reading “Shilo Vanderlinden – TEDx Rexburg Social Media”