Emma Jones – Mixed Media Posters

Emma Jones

Dancer’s Edge Mixed Media Posters 

Visual Emphasis

For my project I created mixed media posters for the local dance company “Dancer’s Edge”. They will be using these posters for marketing purposes within their business. 

I collaborated with the owner of Dancer’s Edge to create posters that would be both creative and useful for their business. We decided on 3 pairs of posters, pair #1 is for their upcoming jazz dance recital, pair #2 is for their pre-dance camp and pair #3 is for the summer technique classes. 

I photographed and edited all these images and then took them into procreate and did hand illustrations on top of the photos. I then brought most of them into illustrator and implemented the typography there. 

Jazz Recital Posters:

The theme for their jazz recital is Bob Fosse, who is an icon and jazz dance pioneer. His distinct style is recognizable everywhere, even outside of the dance community. He is known for his “jazzy poses” such as the use of jazz hands and top hats. When people think of jazz, they think of Bob Fosse’s style. 

Jungle Pre-Dance Posters:

The idea for these posters is based off of the jungle themed costumes that the pre-dance girls wear for recitals. Because these posters are for a young event, we wanted the posters to be cartoony, colorful and full of personality. 

Summer Technique Classes Posers: 

The idea behind these posters is that dancers are fabulous all the time, not just when they are on stage and in costume. So we wanted to do two polar opposite personalities, one bright and happy and one sleek and refined, to demonstrate two different sides of fabulous.