Katie Hulse – Katie Lea Creative Etsy Shop

Emphasis: Visual Hi there! My name is Katie Hulse. I am a senior at BYU-Idaho and I will be graduating this semester (Winter 2023) with a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication with a module in advertising. For my senior project, I decided to launch a passion project I’ve been dreaming about for two years–an Etsy shopContinue reading “Katie Hulse – Katie Lea Creative Etsy Shop”

Ximenna de Leon – Little Lions: Branding of a Non-Profit Organization

Hello! My name is Ximenna de Leon, I am a senior graduating in Winter of 2023 with an emphasis in visual communications. For my Senior Project, I rebranded a non-profit organization my siblings and I created called “Little Lions”. Little Lions is a non-profit organization focused on helping disadvantaged children in Guatemala. Guatemala is aContinue reading “Ximenna de Leon – Little Lions: Branding of a Non-Profit Organization”

Angelle Erickson – EarBud: Social Networking App Concept for Spotify

About the Designer Hello! My name is Angelle Erickson and I am a Senior graduating this Fall with an emphasis in Visual Communication. My passion for designing and creating visuals to convey thoughts that developed when I was young inspired me to go into this degree. After my graduation this December, I am looking forContinue reading “Angelle Erickson – EarBud: Social Networking App Concept for Spotify”

Pamela Espinosa- Sweet Hill Rebrand

Digital and Social Media Project Summary Sweet Hill, Inc. is a small frozen dairy business based in the Philippines. They make traditional Philippine frozen dairy desserts called Ice Candy and has a unique business model where it opens doors for other people to create their own frozen dairy dessert business, under Sweet Hill’s name. It’sContinue reading “Pamela Espinosa- Sweet Hill Rebrand”

Mason Chen — Make Up “Roza”

Major: Communication Emphasize: Social Media And Digital Project Summary If you are a Brigham Young University – Idaho (BYU-Idaho) student, you may see some neckties with fashion designs at the university bookstore. Do you have any memory of it? This brand is “Roza Ties.” “Roza” is a female’s name, it is equal to “Rose.” ItContinue reading “Mason Chen — Make Up “Roza””

Kailey DeGraw -Sticker Connections

Emphasis: Visual Communications Do you ever see a sticker on another person belongings that really resonates with you? Did you feel inclined to strike up a conversation with them? That was the main goal of my sticker project. I wanted to create a set of stickers that would create connections among strangers. I set outContinue reading “Kailey DeGraw -Sticker Connections”

Josh Dayley – Infinite Ghost NFT

Visual Communication Infinite Ghost NFT is an NFT design exploration project to see what it exactly takes to create a NFT collection. I wanted to see how well I could implement the things I’ve learned in my education through programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to Procreate and WordPress. I wanted to expand this projectContinue reading “Josh Dayley – Infinite Ghost NFT”

Brittany Osmond – Painting Matters

Brittany Osmond| Visual Communications| Senior Project Madd Painting Madd Painting is an exterior and interior painting company that needed a new look. Not only something that would appeal to builders but also to the community of Madison County. For Madd Painting I created a brand-new logo, business card, website, and social media. Logo and BusinessContinue reading “Brittany Osmond – Painting Matters”

Rachel Nielson Sevy – Butterflies for Better Days

Rachel Nielson Visual Communication Emphasis Butterflies for Better Days is based on two symbols: the semicolon and the butterfly. The semicolon is a symbol for suicide prevention, and the butterfly comes from self-harm prevention and is a symbol of mental health awareness. For this project, I combined the two by making butterflies with semicolons forContinue reading “Rachel Nielson Sevy – Butterflies for Better Days”