Not just boring Rexburg by Katie Young

Project Description For my project I want to show fun things to do in Rexburg I will show off these things by making fun videos for TikTok and Instagram. Since I am a video production major I will use the video skills I have learned to make quality content. Every week I will go toContinue reading “Not just boring Rexburg by Katie Young”

Ashlee Bradford – Amigoes App UX/UI Redesign

Ashlee Bradford Visual Communication Emphasis Project Summary For my senior project, I redesigned an existing app called Amigoes to improve its usability and visual appeal (User Experience/User Interface Design). This included market research, information architecture, a sitemap, wireframes, and finally a clickable prototype of the main navigational pages. Background Amigoes is intended to be usedContinue reading “Ashlee Bradford – Amigoes App UX/UI Redesign”

Caden Dawson | A Hero’s Caddie

Emphasis: Visual CommunicationSemester: Spring 2023 Summary In two months and almost 200 hours, I designed and developed a mobile game from scratch. The code was written in C# using the Unity game engine. The visuals were all designed and illustrated by me from scratch. You can play the game HERE on mobile. (Desktop version comingContinue reading “Caden Dawson | A Hero’s Caddie”

Katie Hulse – Katie Lea Creative Etsy Shop

Emphasis: Visual Hi there! My name is Katie Hulse. I am a senior at BYU-Idaho and I will be graduating this semester (Winter 2023) with a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication with a module in advertising. For my senior project, I decided to launch a passion project I’ve been dreaming about for two years–an Etsy shopContinue reading “Katie Hulse – Katie Lea Creative Etsy Shop”

Ximenna de Leon – Little Lions: Branding of a Non-Profit Organization

Hello! My name is Ximenna de Leon, I am a senior graduating in Winter of 2023 with an emphasis in visual communications. For my Senior Project, I rebranded a non-profit organization my siblings and I created called “Little Lions”. Little Lions is a non-profit organization focused on helping disadvantaged children in Guatemala. Guatemala is aContinue reading “Ximenna de Leon – Little Lions: Branding of a Non-Profit Organization”

Angelle Erickson – EarBud: Social Networking App Concept for Spotify

About the Designer Hello! My name is Angelle Erickson and I am a Senior graduating this Fall with an emphasis in Visual Communication. My passion for designing and creating visuals to convey thoughts that developed when I was young inspired me to go into this degree. After my graduation this December, I am looking forContinue reading “Angelle Erickson – EarBud: Social Networking App Concept for Spotify”

Pamela Espinosa- Sweet Hill Rebrand

Digital and Social Media Project Summary Sweet Hill, Inc. is a small frozen dairy business based in the Philippines. They make traditional Philippine frozen dairy desserts called Ice Candy and has a unique business model where it opens doors for other people to create their own frozen dairy dessert business, under Sweet Hill’s name. It’sContinue reading “Pamela Espinosa- Sweet Hill Rebrand”