Ximenna de Leon – Little Lions: Branding of a Non-Profit Organization

Hello! My name is Ximenna de Leon, I am a senior graduating in Winter of 2023 with an emphasis in visual communications. For my Senior Project, I rebranded a non-profit organization my siblings and I created called “Little Lions”. Little Lions is a non-profit organization focused on helping disadvantaged children in Guatemala. Guatemala is aContinue reading “Ximenna de Leon – Little Lions: Branding of a Non-Profit Organization”

Pamela Espinosa- Sweet Hill Rebrand

Digital and Social Media Project Summary Sweet Hill, Inc. is a small frozen dairy business based in the Philippines. They make traditional Philippine frozen dairy desserts called Ice Candy and has a unique business model where it opens doors for other people to create their own frozen dairy dessert business, under Sweet Hill’s name. It’sContinue reading “Pamela Espinosa- Sweet Hill Rebrand”

Mason Chen — Make Up “Roza”

Major: Communication Emphasize: Social Media And Digital Project Summary If you are a Brigham Young University – Idaho (BYU-Idaho) student, you may see some neckties with fashion designs at the university bookstore. Do you have any memory of it? This brand is “Roza Ties.” “Roza” is a female’s name, it is equal to “Rose.” ItContinue reading “Mason Chen — Make Up “Roza””

Kelli Ferre Marchant – Boho Days

Project Summary “Boho Days” is a magazine that I created completely from scratch. This magazine is a single issue that is targeted toward women of all ages who love to craft and decorate their homes on a budget. It is packed with DIY(Do It Yourself) tutorials, home decorating inspiration, and personal stories and insights fromContinue reading “Kelli Ferre Marchant – Boho Days”

Brian Mondaca – 3D Product Animation

About the Project Hi, my name is Brian Mondaca. I am studying Communications with an emphasis in Visual Communications, and for my senior project I designed, modeled and animated a fake product called, iFold. This project is meant to show my skills with 3D modeling, product design, and product animation. By showing these skills, IContinue reading “Brian Mondaca – 3D Product Animation”

Deborah Owen – HTML Course for Kids

Project Summary I created a course to introduce kids to HTML using engaging storytelling and visuals. This course is comprised of 10 short lessons. Each lesson is structured with written content, illustrations, and a built-in coding playground activity. This course is housed on web.deborahjulene.com. The course is framed as an Adventureland for kids to explore,Continue reading “Deborah Owen – HTML Course for Kids”

Sydney Jolley – Dot’s Socks

Visual Communication For my senior project, I created sock designs for a fictional company called Dot’s Socks. I named the company Dot’s Socks after my late grandmother, Dorathy Jolley, who was fondly called Dot by her mother and other member’s of her family. Despite having never met her, I wanted to do something in herContinue reading “Sydney Jolley – Dot’s Socks”

Mónica Licona- Photography Branding

VIsual Communications Video Link (YouTube): For my senior project, I created a brand identity for my personal photography business. That included everything from a style guide, business cards, form examples, and a website design. I ended up executing my website plan into an existing one. If you’d like to check it out, it is inContinue reading “Mónica Licona- Photography Branding”

Alan Lauese: Puns Galore Online T-shirt Store

Project Summary: My senior project was to create an online T-shirt store where I’d sell T-shirts with my own designs. These designs will be based on commonly known word puns and phrases such as sucker punch, dead meat, watchdogs, etc. In order to make this a 50-hour project, I planned on sketching designs, making drafts,Continue reading “Alan Lauese: Puns Galore Online T-shirt Store”