Jared Rolph: Growing Community Home Services

Public Relations

Project summary

Community Home Services, provides pool services, lawn maintenance, and other home based services from trained and experienced professionals who have made a career out of caring for their communities home based maintenance needs. They have been based in the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas, since 1977.

For my project I will be helping them gain more clients through a variety of different marketing campaigns which will include Google my business, Facebook, and Thumbtack. I will be building a marketing funnel through these three platforms and setting up a CRM system so that it can be used to follow up with all the new leads that I will be gathering from these platforms. I will create a step by step plan to implement this campaign and execute this plan for my clients business.

My overall goal is to gain more clients for Community Home Services and increase awareness of their company. Optimizing their Google My Business account, Facebook account, and attracting new clients on Thumbtack I plan to double their existing client base in a few short months.

One of the cheapest and fastest ways to get new clients for lawn care is with Google, by optimizing their Google My Business page, I will ensure a new steady stream of leads which will be coming from Google’s search engines. This process will include finding and uploading photos from the internet to their Google My Business page, by doing this I will be able to increase their search engine optimization score. This will allow people to find their business organically.

Facebook is another great platform that can be used also in attracting local clients who are searching for landscaping services. Once their Facebook page is optimized my client can start looking into setting up a paid promotion for their page. Which can include facebook sponsored ads. I

Thumbtack is another great inexpensive way in finding new clients for landscaping needs. You can set up a profile, and have people search the area for potential landscaping clients in that area. I will go ahead and set the profile up and have it integrated into their system as a new lead source. I will manage that account and send offers to potential leads throughout the week.

LinkedIn will also be another platform that I will be using to reach out to other landscaping companies, to see if they would be interested in selling their company to my client. Buying another landscaping company can greatly increase the size of my clients company. I will be connecting with these potential sellers and communicating with them and scheduling a call with my client and see if they are open or interested in selling their landscaping company. Along with LinkedIn I will set up a email campaign where I collect a list of business owner leads to contact them using email.