Mónica Licona- Photography Branding

VIsual Communications

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For my senior project, I created a brand identity for my personal photography business. That included everything from a style guide, business cards, form examples, and a website design. I ended up executing my website plan into an existing one. If you’d like to check it out, it is in the button below! The style guide contains the remainder of my project.


Most of my website was designed with the help of the style guide. The main focuses of my website were the home page, investments, and the blog tab. These three things would help me serve my clients and market my business. The process of finalizing the website required minor CSS customizations. Specifically for the fonts throughout. It was a learning curve but ultimately this helped the whole web design come together consistently with the rest of my brand.

Style Guide

The style guide was the most time-consuming of my project, as it required logo exploration, color and font choices. Not to mention specification of voice & tone, target audience, and brand values. Style guides help the brand better distinguish themselves and are meant to help clients better recognize and feel familiarity instead of constant change and inconsistency. The style guide allowed for my website, business cards, stickers, and other social media designs to be cohesive. I recommend you create a style guide if you are looking for a way to better market yourself!