Beauty By Becky: Building a Brand


Becky is a licensed esthetician who recently started a private practice in Idaho Falls called Beauty By Becky. Over the last several weeks, I have worked with Becky to develop a brand that could be used across social media and printed materials. For this project, I focused on creating a logo, building a style guide, and constructing a public relations plan that could ignite awareness of her business across social media and in the community.

The Process

To create these assets for Beauty By Becky, I chose to stretch myself by using only the Adobe Suite. Canva is a great tool, but I wanted to brush up on my creative design skills. I met with Becky early in the process to determine what assets she wanted for her business. Throughout the project I would create an asset in 2-3 designs and let her choose her favorites. I made tweaks as needed and sent Becky the final designs.


Designing solely in the Adobe Suite took me out of my comfort zone but it was a great chance for me to learn new concepts and practice skills I had learned in past college courses. When met with a challenge in Adobe I was able to rely on YouTube and a trusted design-expert mentor to pull me through.

The Project

Throughout this project I have produced a style guide complete with logo, colors, example posts, and more. Business card and price sheets ready for print. And a thorough PR plan for Becky to refer to for her social media and community awareness strategies.


I encountered a lot of learning curves, especially in the design, that have given me experiences to build from for the future. I’m grateful for the experiences I gained as I’ve practiced designing, writing copy for a new audience, and creating social media strategies. I know this experience will take me far. I will continue working for Becky as I help run her social media accounts and design various assets she may need in the future.  


Looking back, I have no regrets. I have learned much and accomplished a lot. I will be adding all the work that I created for Becky to my portfolio and look forward to continuing my work with her.

Beauty By Becky brand project summary by Kylee Bryan.