Reel Campaigns for Love Olive Co

Back in January of this year, I met with my boss Stephanie, the owner of Love Olive Co. I have been their social media manager for the last year and we wanted to talk about our goals for the new year. One of the things we talked about was the campaigns coming up in the first quarter of the year. Stephanie expressed that she would like to get ahead on these campaigns to make sure they are a success. As the social media manager, I felt like what I could do best is make reels to promote these things. With the Instagram algorithm in more recent months reels are really being pushed. It’s no longer enough for us to just post promotional photos from our photoshoots. This has been a challenge as a social media manager because I have had to pivot and change our content. Reels take more time than posting a photo, but it’s important in staying relevant on social media.

So I took on the task of planning out promotional videos for these campaigns. The ones I worked on for this quarter included our Bloom Campaign, Maternity Friendly Items, Swim Collection, Mommy and Me dresses, and our Malibu collection. For all of these Collections, I made promotional videos that were used as reels and ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Some of these videos I actually filmed and took of myself, others I just filmed of other people. But I came up with the ideas for each of them and edited them all. I focused on trending audio, trends, and sticking to our content buckets for each reel. I believe this had a lot to contribute to the reel’s success. 

Overall these campaigns have been a success. We are going to keep focusing on making reels moving forward. I have seen an increase in our analytics, especially on Instagram. In the last 90 days, we have had a +374% increase in our reel interactions compared to the 90 days before that. Reels have also had by far our best reach on Instagram over posts, videos, stories, and live videos. I’m happy with the work I have done this quarter and I’m excited to use what I have learned in the coming quarters this year. These last few months have really taught me the importance of being flexible with your social media strategy. If something not working you have to pivot and try something new. It’s important to stay up to date on trends and industry standards.