BYU-Idaho Radio Social Media

Hi, I’m Sydney Irving and for my project I chose to manage the BYU-Idaho Radio Social Media pages.

Project Purpose

To help the BYU-Idaho Radio Instagram gain more followers by creating posts that promote the radio station and are directed towards students. The ultimate goal was to gain more of a student based audience.

The Project/The Work

I created Instanews stories, devotional quote stories, Facebook posts & posts on the Instagram promoting the Radio station and the podcasts. Here is a screenshot of the Instagram posts.

Challenges Encountered

I think the hardest thing while working on this project was gaining likes on the posts I created. I felt like although the Instagram started out with a good amount of followers and had even gained some in the process of me running the Radio’s Instagram, however even though I used hashtags and attention grabbing captions, the posts I created didn’t get very many likes.

Project Process

I started out by focusing on the InstaNews stories, which is when I record myself talking about the news stories that are reported on in Southeast Idaho & I shorten them and make them a better length to put onto Instagram. I then started to create graphics that I posted onto the Instagram feed that were to promote the radio station. I posted on the Facebook & then I also posted graphics that promoted the podcasts that the Radio Station has.

Experience Overview

I think overall I had really good experiences with running the social media accounts for the Radio Station. My experiences were positive & insightful and helped me gain more knowledge on what should be done when running different kinds of social media accounts.


I learned how to create content that is geared towards a student based audience and will be valuable to the Southeast Idaho community. I learned a bit more on how to use Canva and I also learned more ways to create content for different social media platforms. Learning different ways to create content was very helpful to me and gives me ideas for in the future & even now when I am trying to gain a social media presence for the job I may have in the future.

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