PR Campaign

Credited:Lovely Bride website Purpose The overall purpose of this campaign was to assist the company Lovely Bride in improving their social media marketing, so that they can improve their overall impressions. Project The project was developing an advertising plan for the company Lovely Bride. Specifically the owner of their San Diego Branch, Rebekah Charles MalandContinue reading “PR Campaign”


Colors – An App For Children I really love the idea of teaching children. It seems like a lot of fun. The things you learn as a young child become common sense that will benefit you in adulthood. Childhood education is essential. I am not a teacher, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try toContinue reading “Colors”

The Rexburg Animal Shelter Fundraiser

Rachel Shehane Wilcox I organized a fundraising and adoption event for The Rexburg Animal Shelter. It was held on July 8th, 2023. This event raised needed funds for the shelter, supported multiple small businesses in Rexburg, and involved the community in local animal rescue. Purpose The purpose of this fundraising and adoption event was toContinue reading “The Rexburg Animal Shelter Fundraiser”

The Katelyn Thompson Podcast: Keys to Success

A Podcast Project Overview Created by Katelyn Thompson Over the past three months, I, Katelyn Thompson, have been working on a project to produce podcast episodes talking about the qualities it takes to become successful. This podcast is geared towards college seniors at Brigham Young University- Idaho in order to help them succeed after theyContinue reading “The Katelyn Thompson Podcast: Keys to Success”