Professional Writing Blog + Podcast

The purpose of my blog and podcast was to gain more experience with writing in a professional scope. I chose this type of project because I’ve never created a real blog before, and I wanted to brush up on my writing skills because I’ve heard many times how more college students need writing skills in the workplace. Writing is an essential skill I want to improve on. The emphasis of the blog was writing, because I wanted to improve on my writing skills going forward knowing that it’s a vital skill that employers are looking for nowadays.  

Some challenges I encountered while completing this project included the brainstorming process. I wanted to gather insightful topics to write about that challenged me and had me practice writing from a professional standpoint. I felt like the topics I ended up writing about didn’t always showcase my writing skills, but I still enjoyed it! I would also use interviewing skills to gather content for the newsletter. Some topics included job readiness, how to interview people, some poetry, things I’ve learned in college about writing, and how to get out of your comfort zone. 

 My process included a brainstorming process, which ended with  occasionally asking my mentor what she thought of my topic ideas, and any feedback. I then wrote my blog post, using skills I’ve learned in a content creation class on campus. I then edited it, and used my mentor’s feedback for guidelines. I then published my blog post, and wrote down the main points I wanted to touch on in the podcast. I recorded and edited the podcast on Anchorfm, and put the links for each one in the bio. I would also discuss the process of writing the newsletter and how my writing skills have developed as the project goes on. Overall, I would say this gave me great practice using skills of strategic organization with organizing thoughts in a way that can be used in the community. I also liked exercising my writing skills and podcast creation.