The Northern Bistro Brand Guidelines – Mary McDaniel

Project Purpose

My project is to create an in-depth brand guideline for an imaginary business called competitive ‘The Northern Bistro’ to expand their brand to the United Kingdom. The Northern Bistro has four locations in the United States, and they decided that they wanted to expand their restaurants internationally.  

The Project


Some of the biggest challenges that I faced during this project were narrowing down my search of competitors. There are a lot of food businesses in the UK and I had to decided what competitors would directly affect ‘The Northern Bistro’. As stated earlier, ‘The Northern Bistro’ has only had locations in the United States and I had to learn how other businesses market in the UK.

Another aspect that was difficult was deciding what logo would be most effective. I wanted ‘The Northern Bistro’ to have a logo that could be adapted based on what location they were in. I also wanted ‘The Northern Bistro’ to stand out. Because of this, I decided to create a logo that included the London Skyline. Including this skyline took more effort that I expected because the skyline is very iconic, and I wanted to make sure that it would stand out amongst other logos.

Project Process

I created a process video of how I decided what logo to make. Making this helped me work on my video editing skills since it was a time lapse that I created in Adobe Premiere Pro.


This project focused on helping a business that is already created who is working on expanding to another country. My goal of this project was to help prepare me to help other businesses who are looking on how they can improve their business. I had a positive experience doing this project and I faced hurdles that I wasn’t expecting.

Insights & Takeaways

Completing this project helped me view my work in a unique perspective. I have not worked with businesses who are looking to expand into a different market, and it showed me the importance that working in marketing will test and grow your knowledge. It also showed me the importance of receiving critique from others and how to complete projects in a timely manner.