Rebranding Visual Society

 I have always been interested in designing something meaningful. I have always felt like I have so many ideas but it is hard to make them real. Learning Illustrator has been like a dream come true, it might seem odd to some, but is something I have been wanting to do. 

This semester I took a class that will help me learn how to work the software, but I want to do more than just learn, but to put it in practice. For this reason I decided to create some content to give ideas to rebrand the visual society of the school. 

I want to give a full disclosure, this project was intended to bring ideas and help others understand that just because something is already done it cannot be better. If society wants to use my ideas it would be a plus.  

When I started this project my sole purpose was to  continue my education and expand my knowledge. The very first thing I did was to start with a logo. Every society has an excellent logo. The university’s policy does not allow any logos for the societies and any other department, due to this reason I want to create something simple that wasn’t a logo but it was easy to remember when someone was watching. 

The title should be simple and easy to recognize. So I created some simple designs that will help the visual society stand out, and a color that goes along with the theme of the society. It should be simple, satisfying and easy to see. 

I chose a simple design that will look appealing to the eye but also sophisticated to make the visual society more important, but also because this society is all about designing I want to make the logo more creative. I ended up with two logos. 

I ended up with these two designs because the left one feels strong and important, and the right one comes creative and more visually apealing. Like I mentioned before I couldn’t choose just one because that would mean it is a logo, so I decided to keep both to make sure people can relate these images with the society but also keep the rules of the school. 

The other thing I wanted to create was t-shirt designs. These t-shirts are prizes that the society gives away to students with the best project. 

I thought it was a good idea to create a design that students for the visual major understood like insight jokes and struggles.  

Brother Kerr is the only teacher that teaches the class of vector graphics and all his videos are super beneficial but also it is important to rewatch the videos over and over until the concept is understood. I feel like it is sometimes painful to continue watching them, but they are essenctials. 

Everyone taking this class, which would be anyone with the visual major, would understand why it is the channel most watched. 

I also created some posters to spread the word about the events the society has. When I became a visual major it was hard for me to know the date and time the visual society meets during the semester. Having a poster with the time and date would be important for freshman and any other students to be able to remember the dates of the visual society. 

Overall I love the experience and what I have learned during this process. Talking with students with the same major and seeing what they think about the major and the society, made me realize how much all the students have the same struggles. I thought I was the only one struggling with some classes, I had the experience to hear other students having the same problems. Although my designs have not been used, I feel like it is important to understand that things can change, and nothing should stay the same because there is always space for improvement.