Ben Jewett – Lora’s Lavender Farm: A Rebranding

Emphasis: Public Relations

Project Summary

Lora’s Lavender Farm is named after the single most influential woman in my life, my mother, Lora Jewett. My parents started this company because of their love for gardening and the need to do something with the extra land they owned. After four years of trying to sell dried lavender at farmer’s markets, they bought a distillery to produce their own lavender oil which they could use to make soaps, lotions, toners, lip balms, pet sprays and linen sprays. However, they knew they needed to rebrand and market their company if they were going to find any success. This is where I come in.

Evaluation Plan

The objective of my work was to connect with businesses that need natural products from local vendors on their shelves through social media marketing and existing connections with small businesses in Central Washington and Alaska. Through my work, Lora’s Lavender Farm was able to send a sample box filled with every product to a small business in Alaska that wants to buy all the product to sell at their store. Now Lora’s Lavender Farm is planning to produce product just for that business.