Jackson Allen- LHM & Co. Social Media Content Creation

Public Relations Emphasis When I started to look for a company to work with for my senior project, I knew I wanted to find one where I could make a difference. I didn’t want my project just to be pushed under the rug when all was said and done- instead, I wanted my work toContinue reading “Jackson Allen- LHM & Co. Social Media Content Creation”

Vanessa Perez- Crispy Cones’ Tiktok Campaign

Vanessa Perez- Public Relations Emphasis Project: I was fortunate enough to work with Crispy Cones, an ice cream shop located in Rexburg, Idaho that was founded by Jeremy Carlson in 2018. Starting out with a tent, the business moved on to a food truck, and has now expanded to two storefronts, one in Logan, UtahContinue reading “Vanessa Perez- Crispy Cones’ Tiktok Campaign”

McKenna Hines – Establishing River Cavaliers

Summary of Project – Public Relations I recently brought home a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Daisy Mei. I bought her with plans to breed her, and used my senior project to officially establish my business.  My business name is River Cavaliers. I am from Washington State, and live right on the Columbia River. IContinue reading “McKenna Hines – Establishing River Cavaliers”

Derek Birch – Preserving the Memory of a Life: A Book About My Grandfather

Study Emphasis: Public Relations Project Emphasis: Visual I created a booklet featuring writing, design, and photography. The booklet is based on the different stages in the life of my grandfather, Keith Birch. This will serve as a way to preserve his memory. Throughout my time at BYU-Idaho, I have developed skills in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator,Continue reading “Derek Birch – Preserving the Memory of a Life: A Book About My Grandfather”

Luis Diniz – Floraliz Brazilian Jewelry – Business Plan

Public Relations Emphasis – Business & Marketing Project Project Proposal The purpose of this project was to help a small business owned by a friend of mine, Emily Chibarria, who sells Brazil-inspired custom jewelry in Utah County. As she has limited business and marketing experience and struggles with the English barrier, I offered to takeContinue reading “Luis Diniz – Floraliz Brazilian Jewelry – Business Plan”

Brinley Fowler-Harrast: Amanda Webb Studio Campaign

Public Relations Emphasis – Digital/Social Media Project My most memorable experiences have been when I have served those I love, and my senior project was nothing short of an unforgettable accomplishment.  — Let me introduce you to my sister-in-law, Amanda Webb. She is a dedicated mother of two, talented artist, and the owner of AmandaContinue reading “Brinley Fowler-Harrast: Amanda Webb Studio Campaign”

Braden Price – Sweeter Dreams Podcast

Public Relations Emphasis – Digital/Social Media Project Ever since my voice dropped in high school, I’ve been told that I should either be on the radio or have a podcast. I’ve since explored the radio but never really dove into a potential podcast. After explaining my struggle in deciding what to do for my seniorContinue reading “Braden Price – Sweeter Dreams Podcast”

Estefania Gonzalez- Audrey’s Apples Social Media Marketing & Rebrand

Project: I had the great opportunity to work with Audrey Cox Owner of “Audreys Apples”; an online Gourmet Caramel Apple Shop based in Rigby, Idaho. Audrey has been making Caramel Apples for about 25 years and has had her business for 4. Audrey’s Apples has been a successful business in the area and has manyContinue reading “Estefania Gonzalez- Audrey’s Apples Social Media Marketing & Rebrand”

Kaitlyn Davis – inUpowers PR Campaign & Social Media

For my project, I had the incredible opportunity to work with inUpowers in developing a public relations campaign to increase awareness and enhance user experience for their 12-week curriculum designed to help children identify, understand, and work through difficult emotions. Click here to view the full campaign booklet I created that includes copies of templatesContinue reading “Kaitlyn Davis – inUpowers PR Campaign & Social Media”

Kimberlee Sypher-BerryTherapyThoughts

Emphasis: Public Relations(But my project focused on Social Media) Project Summary: I worked with Belinda Berryhill for my senior project, the owner of BerryTherapyThoughts. She has recently started her brand through social media to share her 20 years of experience in family, marriage, addiction, and trauma healing while being a Psychotherapist in Training (LCSW). AsContinue reading “Kimberlee Sypher-BerryTherapyThoughts”