Noah Moster – Customer Disservice, a Work-Based Podcast

Video Production

As evidenced here, I’m definitely didn’t choose this profession for my looks.

Hi, I’m Noah Moster.

and I very much enjoy the art of creating media, whether that be video, audio, or both. It’s always baffled me how one or multiple people could take an idea only conceptualized in their mind, and just for a brief time, make you believe that it’s reality. As humanity has progressed from painting to picture to moving pictures and finally, to moving paintings, creativity has likewise simultaneously progressed and regressed, and I knew that I had to join the show of visual and auditory art as part of it’s technical crew. After all, what better way to understand a story than to help the process of it’s creation?

In a more grounded explanation, I’ve had a passion for videography ever since I took an elective class in high school. It’s remarkable what can be done with a couple mics, a camera, some lights, and a good story. To that end, I’m currently seeking to work in advertising, narrative fiction, documentary work…where ever I can tell someone’s story.

My Podcast

To put it simply, Customer Disservice is my project, with a agent-based focus on helping fellow workers in the industry find humanity in their job. In Customer Disservice, I use three episodes to explain and discuss topics relevant to many in the work field, such as “bad apple” situations (i.e. bad customers) and burnout, and try to work with my interviewees to find ways to not only fix these issues, but also to prevent them from taking a toll on a worker’s mental health as well, since many of these experiences often linger around in the mind long after they’ve happened. Additionally, I also cover other points of interest, such as comparing and contrasting specific subgenres in the field.

My reasoning for choosing this particular assignment is that I wanted to see this through from start to finish, on all levels of design. Rather than focusing on just editing, which is my comfort zone, I additionally created the script for each episode, as well as the question list to ask each interviewee. I recorded each VO myself, and interviewed all of the participants. I also created the promotional art for the podcast as well, and modeled myself for each subject in the image. I even dabbled a bit in music production, and the final two songs in the third episode are of my creation.

To this extent, I’ve not only gained experience in podcast trimming and audio enhancement, but also visual material work and voicework as well, and even media management and talent scheduling/coordinating. It wasn’t an easy journey, but I’m proud to say that I’ve succeeded in my goal. From the very first rough draft of the podcast outline, to the “submit” button of the third episode on Libsyn (the media distribution platform I’ve uploaded the podcast to), this creative and technical process has been solely the fruits of my labors. That, and the wonderful and irreplaceable people who gave me the time and patience to spend hours of their day allowing me to interview them, of course.

Project Materials

The trailers for each episode can be listened to down below.

Episode One Trailer:

Episode Two Trailer:

Episode Three Trailer:

To allow for a more concise format, I’ve created a final report with my time log and scripts, which can be read here.

As for visual materials, this is the image I’ve created for the podcast:

I’ve created a variant of this for my booth at my Senior Showcase, with a “statistics banner” on top and QR codes that lead to both my podcast website and the episode one trailer:

I’ve also customized an additional image for use as a thumbnail:

Thank you for taking an interest in my project. I wish you well, and hope that my story can help to inspire yours.