Trending on socials – Katie Young – Comm297R

For my project I wanted to learn and better understand how social media algorithms work, and how posting goes hand-in-hand with algorithms and social media account engagement. I first updated my socials to have accurate, descriptions and information. I also did research to understand ideal engagement, and posting times to learn how social media works differentlyContinue reading “Trending on socials – Katie Young – Comm297R”

Isaac Lawrence – The Last Outlaws of Wild Space: A Sci-Fi Short Film

Introduction My name is Isaac Lawrence, and I am a senior at Brigham Young University – Idaho studying communications with an emphasis in video production. For my final semester’s capstone project, I chose to write, direct, produce, and edit a science fiction short film entitled The Last Outlaws of Wild Space. I personally led eachContinue reading “Isaac Lawrence – The Last Outlaws of Wild Space: A Sci-Fi Short Film”

| Coire Vosika | The Forgotten Game: A 3D Chess Animation | Video Production |

The Forgotten Game: A Chess Animation This is a 3D animation that I created to showcase the skills and techniques I’ve developed over the past few years. One of my main focusses was to incorporate professional/industry standard software and practices into my workflow in preparation for leaving collage. The Process The idea for this projectContinue reading “| Coire Vosika | The Forgotten Game: A 3D Chess Animation | Video Production |”

| Jayden Burt | Beyond the Threshold | A Short Film |

Video Production Emphasis Beyond the Threshold | Project Goals Since the beginning of my College Career and even the majority of my High School Career, I have known that I want to own my own business. I centered my project around the idea that I wanted to make up for some of the shortcomings thatContinue reading “| Jayden Burt | Beyond the Threshold | A Short Film |”

Will Stevens – DROP – a mountain bike film

Video Production Emphasis Summary For my senior project I decided to create a mountain biking film. My good friend, Cedric Freer, and I left the cold, snowy Idaho to go to war, sunny St. George, Utah for a weekend to mountain bike. Southern Utah is home to beautiful sites and world-class mountain biking. Red BullContinue reading “Will Stevens – DROP – a mountain bike film”

Colton Scholl – Poltercast – A narrative film

Colton Scholl Communications Major: Video Production Emphasis. Summary A short film juxtaposing two styles of film over one another. One a horror thriller of a ghost haunting Todd and tormenting him as he tries to monetize the story of a dead detective. The other a campy tongue in cheek podcast about “spooky stories.” The podcasterContinue reading “Colton Scholl – Poltercast – A narrative film”

Tyler Eddington – Tune Bytes

Name: Tyler Eddington Project Name: Tunebytes Emphasis: Video Production Professional Photo: Project Summary: Watch Tune bytes: A guide to virtual orchestration. For years, I have been composing as a freelancer. I composed mainly for those looking for music for personal projects such as podcasts, video’s and games. Many of my clients have mentioned that IContinue reading “Tyler Eddington – Tune Bytes”

Conner Orr – “Way of the Wild” – A Documentary on Wildlife Photographer Bill Schiess

“Way of the Wild” Project Summary: Last semester, I attempted to do a documentary on the connection between man and their animal companions. However, the story never quite seemed to come together for my senior project, so I decided to re-do my senior project with a focus on finding an interesting interview subject. My mentorContinue reading “Conner Orr – “Way of the Wild” – A Documentary on Wildlife Photographer Bill Schiess”

Kovi Riding – Advanced Physical Therapy Ads

Kovi Riding – Video Production I am just finishing up my degree in video production at Brigham Young University – Idaho. During my time here I have learned a lot about all the stages of video production and for my senior project I wanted to find something that could show each of these areas andContinue reading “Kovi Riding – Advanced Physical Therapy Ads”