Tyler Eddington – Tune Bytes

Name: Tyler Eddington Project Name: Tunebytes Emphasis: Video Production Professional Photo: Project Summary: Watch Tune bytes: A guide to virtual orchestration. For years, I have been composing as a freelancer. I composed mainly for those looking for music for personal projects such as podcasts, video’s and games. Many of my clients have mentioned that IContinue reading “Tyler Eddington – Tune Bytes”

Conner Orr – “Way of the Wild” – A Documentary on Wildlife Photographer Bill Schiess

“Way of the Wild” Project Summary: Last semester, I attempted to do a documentary on the connection between man and their animal companions. However, the story never quite seemed to come together for my senior project, so I decided to re-do my senior project with a focus on finding an interesting interview subject. My mentorContinue reading “Conner Orr – “Way of the Wild” – A Documentary on Wildlife Photographer Bill Schiess”

Kovi Riding – Advanced Physical Therapy Ads

Kovi Riding – Video Production I am just finishing up my degree in video production at Brigham Young University – Idaho. During my time here I have learned a lot about all the stages of video production and for my senior project I wanted to find something that could show each of these areas andContinue reading “Kovi Riding – Advanced Physical Therapy Ads”

Dalton Parkinson – “BELOW”, a poetry short film

BELOW is a short film that features original poetry by myself and original music by a friend of mine, Wytemi Co. The short film follows a young couple illustrated to struggle in keeping their relationship alive, causing them to sink to lower versions of themselves. This story was not a direct adaptation from my life,Continue reading “Dalton Parkinson – “BELOW”, a poetry short film”

Lanisha Wuitschick | Agriculture In Alaska Docuseries: The Musk Ox Farm

Emphasis: Video Production SUMMARY This is the second episode of my docuseries about Agriculture in Alaska. Set in the lusciously green farm town of Palmer, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rivers, this episode captures the history of the Musk Ox Farm, explains why people should care about musk ox, and describes their history of extinctionContinue reading “Lanisha Wuitschick | Agriculture In Alaska Docuseries: The Musk Ox Farm”

Noah Moster – Customer Disservice, a Work-Based Podcast

Video Production Hi, I’m Noah Moster. and I very much enjoy the art of creating media, whether that be video, audio, or both. It’s always baffled me how one or multiple people could take an idea only conceptualized in their mind, and just for a brief time, make you believe that it’s reality. As humanityContinue reading “Noah Moster – Customer Disservice, a Work-Based Podcast”

Siying Wen – Ad for Asian Restaurant | Video Production

Project Name: Red Eight Asian Cuisine Restaurant Ad Emphasis: Video Production Red Eight Asian Cuisine Restaurant Ad Instagram Version Project Summary Red Eight restaurant was opened a few months ago in Rexburg. When I talked to the owner, she said she wanted to increase restaurant awareness. I said I could definitely help her with this.Continue reading “Siying Wen – Ad for Asian Restaurant | Video Production”

Emmanuel Jefferies – Valley Fleet Carpooling Website and Promo

Video Production Emphasis Project Summary I started a carpooling platform via Wix.com to address the issues regarding scammers and ratings commonly faced on social media ride-share groups. My project included conducting surveys, constructing the website, and producing a promo for the business. The minimal accomplishment desired by the deadline included having at least one videoContinue reading “Emmanuel Jefferies – Valley Fleet Carpooling Website and Promo”

Jean Mendoza – Sony Spec Ad

Video Production Project Description For me senior project, I decided to do a spec ad commercial for the Sony Alpha camera series. I wanted to showcase the cameras’ incredible lowlight capabilities, picture profile (for color), and high frame rate options. My goal was to showcase those three capabilities the Sony Alpha cameras has to offerContinue reading “Jean Mendoza – Sony Spec Ad”

Tanner Fugal – Onewheel GT Comprehesive Review

Video Production Emphasis Project Summary I made a comprehensive video review of the new Onewheel GT by Future Motion. This self-balancing skateboard is the flagship model that was just released and claims to have many upgrades and improvements. I put these claims to the test and explore their validity in the video. The release ofContinue reading “Tanner Fugal – Onewheel GT Comprehesive Review”