Danys Coronel – CayCay Digital Branding

Danys Coronel – Digital and Social Media

Project Summary

CayCay is a business with an original idea for a new twist on frozen yogurt and will be launching spring 2023. The main difference is that CayCay is healthy and served in a different way than traditional frozen yogurt shops. As part of my project, I took on the task of creating an identity for the brand. The idea behind my project is helping the client be ready to start on their future digital journey as soon as the business launches. The deliverables for the project included creation of logos, marketing materials, a website, stickers, digital mock-ups, photography and business proposal to the mall.

One of the biggest challenge was to really show how CayCay is different from other frozen yogurt shops. The first step was to choose fewer colors, we ended up choosing different shades of orange and white as the main colors. Once the colors were chosen, my mentor kept asking “How is it different?” I created a prototype for the frozen yogurt and took several pictures. The pictures were a way to help the consumer visualize the idea of CayCay, and was very successful. After taking the pictures, the client will be able to use those images for future organic and paid posts.

Creating a branding for a new business can be difficult at times, I learned a lot about how important communication is. At first the communication with my cliente was not clear, many times I would not received an answer. I decided to have specific days and times that I would be contacting the client to give them updates and that seemed to work much better.

Brand Style Guide

Social Media Mock-up

CayCay has not yet opened, it is projected to be started by the end of the Spring but I wanted to get them a head start on their social media. I was not able to post, but I created a mood board that could be followed as a guide for what Instagram could look like. I created accounts for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok so it can be ready to be used once the company is launched.