Not just boring Rexburg by Katie Young

Project Description For my project I want to show fun things to do in Rexburg I will show off these things by making fun videos for TikTok and Instagram. Since I am a video production major I will use the video skills I have learned to make quality content. Every week I will go toContinue reading “Not just boring Rexburg by Katie Young”

Meagan Rogers – Senior Solutions Social Media

Emphasis: Digital and Social Media Project: Senior Solutions Social Media Development By Meagan Rogers Summary Senior Solutions is an Idaho Falls-based company that strives to be the first resource for senior citizens who are navigating the trials that come with age. Senior Solutions helps make connections to assisted living, social events, and information that anyContinue reading “Meagan Rogers – Senior Solutions Social Media”

Allison Gumm – A Social Media Upbringing

My Project Overview Being interested in the medical field and social media, I was excited to work with a physical therapy company in which needed a digital upbringing. The name of the company is Bakersfield Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapy, aka BSMART. I was able to provide them with an Instagram and Facebook while postingContinue reading “Allison Gumm – A Social Media Upbringing”

Marketing for Nonprofits | Laura Pannhoff

The Rexburg Free Clinic is a nonprofit medical clinic located in Rexburg, Idaho that offers free healthcare to the community. I worked as a marketing volunteer for the Rexburg Free Clinic for my senior project. My work for this project includes social media marketing, email newsletter management, blog management, design for content and print materials,Continue reading “Marketing for Nonprofits | Laura Pannhoff”

Renae Graves- Social Media Management/Content Creation for Moore Nail Biz

Hello there! Im Renae and my favorite thing to do is be creative! Whether that is physically or digitally, I am already interested! What a journey it has been to study here at Brigham Young University-Idaho for the past 4 years. Nothing but the best from professors to the lessons and lectures that they haveContinue reading “Renae Graves- Social Media Management/Content Creation for Moore Nail Biz”

Unwrapping The Importance of Strategy

Megan Chormicle Digital & Social Media My senior project is focused on showcasing the benefits of influencer marketing and the development of a solid content and brand strategy. I showcased my development of the brand, Lola Blankets, influencer marketing campaign, how it aided their overall growth, and provided insights into creating successful influencer marketing campaignsContinue reading “Unwrapping The Importance of Strategy”

Sammy Stevenson – East of Nowhere Adventures Media Management

East of Nowhere Adventures is an outdoor adventure blog that showcases Utah and the adventures that they are having “East of Nowhere.” When introducing the idea of a senior project to them, they mentioned how they’ve always wanted to launch their own brand and that now, with my help, it would be the perfect time to do so.