Jackson Allen- LHM & Co. Social Media Content Creation

Public Relations Emphasis When I started to look for a company to work with for my senior project, I knew I wanted to find one where I could make a difference. I didn’t want my project just to be pushed under the rug when all was said and done- instead, I wanted my work toContinue reading “Jackson Allen- LHM & Co. Social Media Content Creation”

Graciela Martinez | The Emotionally Driven Podcast & Social Media Campaign

Digital and Social Media Emphasis Project In this project, I created the beginning of my Emotionally Driven Podcast. Many professional podcasts usually create a couple of episodes before they officially start streaming. I wanted to do the same, so the idea was to create 3 full episodes, and the social media posts and blogposts thatContinue reading “Graciela Martinez | The Emotionally Driven Podcast & Social Media Campaign”

Ashley Ping | Prospective Student Department Flyers

Digital and Social Media Emphasis The Brigham Young University-Idaho Admissions office is typically the first stop for those who want to learn more about campus. In 2022, just under 2,000 campus tours were given, and BYU-Idaho had almost 8,000 people on these tours. As I have worked in the Admissions office as a campus tourContinue reading “Ashley Ping | Prospective Student Department Flyers”

Vanessa Perez- Crispy Cones’ Tiktok Campaign

Vanessa Perez- Public Relations Emphasis Project: I was fortunate enough to work with Crispy Cones, an ice cream shop located in Rexburg, Idaho that was founded by Jeremy Carlson in 2018. Starting out with a tent, the business moved on to a food truck, and has now expanded to two storefronts, one in Logan, UtahContinue reading “Vanessa Perez- Crispy Cones’ Tiktok Campaign”

Sydney Brustad – Full Circle Travel Agency

Digital & Social Media Marketing Project Summary Full Circle Travel Agency is a full service travel agency based in northern Utah, but has over 20 agents nationwide. My project consisted of multiple things (listed on the image below). My goal was for the agency to grow on social media and on the branding side inContinue reading “Sydney Brustad – Full Circle Travel Agency”

Samuel Stapp – Spec Ad Campaign for Duolingo Math

For my senior project, I entered an annual advertising competition called New Bloods, which is organized by D&AD. The competition is meant to help students and aspiring creatives build their portfolios by giving them real-life creative briefs set by real-life clients to be judged on. It’s up to the students to choose a brief fromContinue reading “Samuel Stapp – Spec Ad Campaign for Duolingo Math”

Growing the “Strive to Be” YouTube Channel | Bailey Rindlisbacher

Hi there, I’m Bailey! I am a senior studying communications with an emphasis in digital & social media. Since I was 14, I’ve found my creative outlet behind the camera, creating videos and taking photos. Telling stories, conveying emotion, and spreading joy became my passions. In college these skills expanded to data analysis, content creation,Continue reading “Growing the “Strive to Be” YouTube Channel | Bailey Rindlisbacher”

Lori Livingston – Cowboy Wife Life

Digital and Social Media Emphasis Hey everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and learn more about the project I have been working on the last 10 weeks. I have learned so much throughout this process and am grateful for the experience. There are so many lessons that I haveContinue reading “Lori Livingston – Cowboy Wife Life”

Estefania Gonzalez- Audrey’s Apples Social Media Marketing & Rebrand

Project: I had the great opportunity to work with Audrey Cox Owner of “Audreys Apples”; an online Gourmet Caramel Apple Shop based in Rigby, Idaho. Audrey has been making Caramel Apples for about 25 years and has had her business for 4. Audrey’s Apples has been a successful business in the area and has manyContinue reading “Estefania Gonzalez- Audrey’s Apples Social Media Marketing & Rebrand”

Seth Ficklin – DirtSlayers Garage Media Kit

Digital & Social Media Emphasis Project Summary DirtSlayers Garage is an off-road vehicle fabrication shop located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They do everything from installing light bars and rock lights to swapping an engine. They can help you with whatever you need to build your dream off-road rig. Robert, the owner, knew he needed toContinue reading “Seth Ficklin – DirtSlayers Garage Media Kit”