Eli Dial | Breaking Through the Photography Belt with Strategy

I’ve been told that from Rexburg, Idaho, to Salt Lake City, Utah, is a photography belt; that there’s so many photographers, but not enough clients. The question arises: how can I help my wife, Brooke, of Brooke Michelle Photography, break through the “photography belt?” My plan had two main steps. Keep reading to see how I did it.

Step 1: The Website

From my research on other photographers, I discovered that most used Instagram to host their pictures, but that it was unorganized. I wanted Brooke Michelle Photography to appear more organized and more credible than Instagram would allow. I set out to find a web-building platform to suit her needs. I settled on Web.com.

Next, I had to go through and determine which pictures to use. Many photographers use a photographer-specific social media platform, Flickr, to showcase much their work, the work they haven’t put on Instagram. Brooke Michelle Photography was no exception. I had hundreds of photos to sort through and categorize in order to determine the most practical categories to include on her website. Once that was done, I had to place the photos in each page and design the website how Brooke wanted it to look.

After receiving her approval, the website was ready to be shown to the world. View Brooke Michelle Photography’s website here.

Step 2: The Event

I knew that I wanted to plan an event for Brooke, but I couldn’t think of how we could make it happen. After continuing to brainstorm and research different ideas, we decided on free 15-minute photo sessions. Interested persons would sign up for a 15-minute time slot, get some pictures, and then Brooke Michelle Photography would send the pictures back, edited, within three weeks.

The only problem with this plan: I had three weeks to make it happen if I wanted it to be before the senior showcase.

We started with a venue, day and time, which we discovered very quickly. Next, it was creating a sign-up system for interested persons. How could I set something up so individuals or families can sign up and make it so no one else can sign up for that spot? The answer came in calendly.com. I created a QR code so people could sign up, and included it on a flyer. Then, I found three Facebook pages (Life in Idaho Falls, Life in Rexburg and BYU-I Students) and posted the flyer there. Within an hour-and-a-half, all eight available spots were filled.

All we had to do at that point was prepare for the actual event. I made cookies, had some hot water and hot cocoa mix available, and I found people who let me borrow a table, a canopy, and a cooler that we could use for the hot water. The day of the event came, and everyone showed up!

Overall, the event provided more exposure for Brooke Michelle Photography to increase her clientele.


Throughout this project, I helped Brooke to develop presence within the community of Rexburg, to be more organized in her content, and become more confident in her abilities as a photographer.

As for myself, I learned how to begin something, even if I don’t know where to start. I learned that everything is often more simple than it seems; planning an event or creating a website is less complex than it sounds, with the right mindset.

This project for Brooke of Brooke Michelle Photography, has allowed me to feel more confident in my abilities as I move forward into the workforce. Please contact me if I can do anything for you!

View my full project report (including the event flyer and other content I created) below or by clicking this link.

To view my time sheet, click here.