Merinda Manwaring – Marketing Moon Math

Embarking on a senior project is an exciting opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired throughout your academic journey. In my case, having previously worked with Moon Math during my internship, I was determined to make a significant impact on their marketing efforts. This blog post outlines the process and steps I took toContinue reading “Merinda Manwaring – Marketing Moon Math”

Story-telling at The Center for Hope

My name is Chloe Poston and I recently completed my senior project in collaboration with a local recovery center, The Center for Hope. The Center for Hope is a peer recovery center located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, focused on giving recovering addicts a community of support. The project I took on was completing an anthologyContinue reading “Story-telling at The Center for Hope”

Roots Untold Podcast

Your story didn’t begin with you, and it won’t end there either.  My name is McKenna Redd and for my senior project I started a podcast called Roots Untold. This storytelling podcast is dedicated to sharing various heartwarming, captivating, and inspiring true stories of those who have come before us. Whether it’s grandparents, uncles, orContinue reading “Roots Untold Podcast”

Fresno FiberArts Guild UX Design

The Story My hometown is Fresno California, I have a family member that is a member of a non-profit organization called the Fresno Fiber Arts Guild (FFG). The FFG is an artistic organization who is known for bringing their community together through the fiber arts. As a guild they express themselves through their art inContinue reading “Fresno FiberArts Guild UX Design”

Natelie Fonnesbeck – Rexburg Free Clinic Gala Event Management

Project Overview For my Senior Project, I worked with the Rexburg Free Clinic to manage their Winter Gala. The purpose of this event was to bring the community together under one cause. We wanted to celebrate the big and small businesses in the area while also raising money for the clinic. While I did aContinue reading “Natelie Fonnesbeck – Rexburg Free Clinic Gala Event Management”

Ben Balmforth | Rexburg Free Clinic Winter Gala

Strategic Organizational Communication Project Summary The Rexburg Free Clinic is a medical clinic in Rexburg, Idaho. On their website, they report that their mission is help “individuals and families in our community by promoting health and wellness through providing free, high-quality primary care, and medical services to an underserved population.” Because they offer their servicesContinue reading “Ben Balmforth | Rexburg Free Clinic Winter Gala”