Samantha Binns | A Redesign of Delta Air Line’s Wellbeing Pages

Hello, My name is Samantha Binns. I am a strategic organization emphasis!

A redesign of Delta Air Line’s internal Wellbeing pages with governance guides for future growth. This project improves Delta people’s access to their Physical, Mental, Social, and Financial Wellbeing resources. 

I am an employee communications specialist for Delta Air Lines. This summer I started my journey at Delta as corporate communications intern. I created content for their Wellbeing team. I wrote articles, directed videos, and hosted webinars so that Delta Employees could learn more about the physical, emotional, social, and financial resources available to them. After being hired on full time, another need was on the ride. We needed somewhere informative, intuitive, and integrated for new content and old content to live on the Delta Employee Website. There was a place but it needed a face lift. This is my senior project, an overhaul and redesign of the 4 Delta Wellbeing webpages and the home page.

There were some obvious design flaws in the old website. (Photos unavailable for legal reasons) There were paragraphs of information, minimal visual elements and if you did not know what you were looking for, you would probably not find it. In my redesign, employees can come to this webpage and find information from a top-down or bottom-up approach.

I created a design that allows employees to know find the resource they need. If you are an employee that knows a co-worker uses the Ginger app than you can come to the page, see the name Ginger and get more information on the app. If you know that you are struggling with your mental health, feeling down or lonely, you can come to the website, see the resources available to you and then will be shown Ginger as an on-demand mental health coaching app. You can be connected to the third party source without having to ask around, go through HR, or put it on your health plan. It is just one of the ways Delta is helping to improve physical and mental wellbeing and fight the stigma of getting help.

Additionally, the new design includes a featured content page where shareholders of Delta Wellbeing can feature content that will inform or engage an employee. We have an analytics team that I have utilized to see what kind of content employees are accessing the most when they come to these pages. I have used that data to not only create the “featured content page” but also influence the “additional resources” section at the bottom of the page. They are all supported with data that I have gathered and actively check in on.

This project is just the beginning. I have embraced the feedback of shareholders at Delta, and of professionals in the web design profession to learn more about this project. As our employee base grows and changes, we will continue to make changes to better improve the experience for all employees.