Chelsea Paniagua- Ayer, Hoy y Mañana

Public Relations Emphasis


This project was born out of a passion to amplify Hispanic/Latino voices. I grew up with parents who moved to the US but I grew up in the US, which gave me the idea to write the story of two Hispanic/Latino audiences. Those who moved here and then the children/youth who balance a Bicultural identity.

  • The people who m story will likely entail why they decided to leave their native country, their journey to the US, and what they’re building or have built for their life and family since arriving to the US.
  • The youth voice will capture what it’s like to grow up in their world. The reality of living in two cultures. At home speaking one language and having different customs and then when they’re “outside”. School, social circles, work, and other settings in which they’re learning to balance their Hispanic/ Heritage and American traditions. 

My project consisted of conducting 6 interviews and writing feature articles or a column about each interviewee. Upon completion of the interviews, I complied each article in a magazine that I designed and printed, called Ayer, Hoy y Mañana. I’ll also create a communications plan to draft a media list and write pitches for these stories, for the opportunity of them being published.

The people I interviewed are friends of mine that have either grown up with me, or that I’ve met more recently. They’re REAL stories. Meaning there won’t always be a dramatic beginning or ending to the story, but rather I wanted to showcase that the majority of Hispanics/ Latinos in the U.S. aren’t a part of a “one size fits all” narrative.

I hope the passion I have to amplify Latino voices is conveyed through this project, and that any reader can walk away having even a slightly different and more positive outlook on Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S. But really, they’re our neighbors, community builders, students, professionals and more.

Project Materials

PR Plan