Grant Wearne-PR Emphasis – Why I Love This Part: A Film & TV Podcast

Project Introduction :

I remember all the way back 2011 I heard the word podcast . I wasn’t sure what it was it was an interesting word to say the least. I went on with my life and just kept doing my own thing. Then came summer 2014. I had recently gone through an earthquake, I was easily on edge and I couldn’t focus on anything. One day I was on YouTube and I discovered this guy called Mr. Sunday Movies. It was this guy that was from Australia I really liked his YouTube content and made me forget my troubles. At the end of all his videos he pushed his podcast “ The Weekly Planet”. I heard that word again “ Podcast” so this time around I had my sisters old iPhone with no cell service but it could connect to Wi-Fi. I listened to a random episode next thing you know I was hooked I downloaded all 40 episodes he had at the time. Anytime I was in a quiet situation I would pop in some headphones and enjoy a podcast.

From there I kept on listening and enjoying his content then Mr. Sunday Movies referred some other podcast and I decided to listen to his suggestions and I loved them too. I was so happy I had so much content to listen too I loved it from then on podcast was part of my schedule in a way I would always find opportunities to listen to podcast when I could.  Flash forward to my college years and I make some great friends , and I am studying communications. When I told people I was studying communication the first thing they would say if it was for radio. That always got me thinking. Then I found out the senior project could be about anything in the field of communications , From there I decided to take my chance I decided to make a podcast. Then my podcast “ I Love This Part: A Film and Tv Podcast” was made.

Cast :

Host: Grant Wearne

Co-Host : Andrew Peterson

Co-host of the podcast we have been great friends since 2016 and would chat almost every week about film and TV when we both went our separate ways for education. We have always been great at banter with each other, and I felt he was destined to be my co-host.

Substitute Host / Guest : Kyleigh Becker

Kyleigh Becker, is one of my guest host and fill in co-host when Andrew isn’t available or to familiar with the episodes topics . We met at my community college, and she was one of my former communications teachers now great friends. She is a huge geek and fits in so well when it comes to my podcast she can carry conversations and is very talented at understanding things she isn’t familiar with. She doesn’t let the unfamiliarity distract her.

Guest : Isaac Rascon

Isaac Rascon , is another guest host and has been a great friend of mine and was one of my first roommates when I moved here to BYU-Idaho. He was a friend who I could always nerd out about films about we would talk about the acting, the effects, scenery , and score when it came to our favorite films. He always had great insight with the art of film. His favorite aspect was always the score. I could find him listening to music scores quite often.

Guest : Erik Bell

Erik Bell, is a guest host and  is a friend who I gained as I started working at Walmart, we always talked about film and for a while we would watch film over our lunch breaks because we enjoyed them so much together.

Guest : Michelangelo Rivas

Michelangelo Rivas is a guest host who I just met this semester. We met in our acting class, and we had a great time working off each other. The way he talked and explained things I always felt that he had a lot to  say when it came to film.

Logo Design :

When making my logo my thought was how simplicity sells. As you can see it is just a simple black base with a camera filter around it, including the red dot.  The way that I interpret it is that some ones favorite part could be interpretive. So that is what the background is saying you decided what your favorite part is. There is talks about possibly changing the logo but as for now it is quite good for what it is.

Total time :

Hours of content Made = 8 hours

Time editing episodes = 27 hours

Advertisings the podcast = 7 hours

Account setups and logo designs = 4 hours

Brainstorming and content analysis = 10 hours

Total = 56 Hours

Project Summary :

My senior project was a project I loved . I finally understood the phrase work on something you love and you work a day in life. This is how I could describe my senior project . I finally decided to put my voice to where it belonged podcasting. Its has been great. I’m happy to be making the podcast “ I Love This Part : A Film and TV Podcast”.

So what was my podcast all about what was I recording , making content for, advertising , editing and thinking about all the time ? Well it all started when me and my friend Andrew would talk about amazing scenes from movies and TV shows . You see my friend Andrew sadly got kidney failure in 2020 and so he had to drop out of school and had to stay at home and live with his parents. With him in that situation I was always worried about him so I called him one to three times a week. A lot of our conversations would focus on movies , films and creative writing. We loved talking about big blockbuster movies, but Andrew however really enjoyed his old movies so he got me interested into old cinema. One time we decided to write little essays about why we loved certain scenes in movies and thus a podcast was born.

So the way my podcast would work is simple I would be your host and Andrew was my co host and we would sit down with a guest usually a friend of ours and discuss films and tv shows with diverse topics. We would use key phrases and then elaborate on a scene that made us think of that certain phrase. Some examples were, “Leap of Faith” , “ Absurd Dance scenes” , and “Small Moments” among many other ones. We would generally record every Thursday or Friday and they would be edited and released the following Thursday. It would generally take me between 2-4 hours to edit each of these episodes. Then I would be sure to make post about my podcast on social media pages and advertise my podcast on campus as well. Over all it has been amazing and something I look forward to continue recording.

Senior Showcase :

The Senior Showcase had gone great and was great to advertise my podcast to a wide audience. It was fun showing all that i worked for made it all feel accomplishing and makes me want to keep it coming.


Since I have been making this podcast I have just been thinking about podcasting all the time. Next week I will be doing my first crossover with another podcasting group and it is something I’m looking forward to . That is not all. I also have plans of possibly expanding my name and making my own little podcasting company. I want to make more shows for podcasting . One of which is a fun podcast called “ Would You Date Him “ , this would be a fun podcast about me sitting down with a select few women and giving them an extreme situation where they meet mr. dream guy but there is some catch of some sort. Another one that I would like to make is based on RPG adventures just having some fun stories and telling great stories. So, if my current podcast can catch traction this is something that I am going to highly consider.