Sharlet’s Styles Instagram


For my project, I worked to promote Sharlet’s Styles business social media account. Sharlet has been working for a few months to promote her small hair styling business, but was looking for some help on what to do, and how to do it. The main objective was to increase followers and increase the reach on her Instagram account to widen her clientele.

I included different types of posts on her Instagram account including picture posts, videos, reels, and galleries. I created a content calendar to plan out posts, created a logo to promote her business, and created a color theme for her account.


I experienced different ways to produce content. Posting reels seemed to be a big hit when it came to engagement. When working on Instagram in the past years, videos and reels have become the most popular form of content. Whenever I could, I would try to post reels and videos.


One of the biggest challenges I faced when working on this project was figuring out the best way to increase engagement on social media platforms. Because this was a new profile, I had to really try different things each week I was posting. I did a bit of experimenting to determine what worked best for her target audience.

Another thing that was challenging during this project was figuring out the designs for her profile. I played with different designs that I thought could meet the interests of the target audience, but it was difficult to figure out what that could look like.

Project Process

There were a few steps I took in this project. The first thing I did was create a content calendar. Creating a content calendar on what I wanted to post was really helpful for when it was time to post on her account. I made sure I at least had the captions down for many different types of posts. After I had the pictures, I put them with the captions.

I made an effort to post three times a week. After I posted, I would continue to check in on the posts to respond to and like comments. When the week was over, I would see what ended up working from the engagement and adjust it for the next week.


This project was a really fun and really informative. When working on social media, there are many different types of things that can work according to your target audience. I learned that there are many factors that can change the engagement on your profile. Some of these factors included the captions I used, the hashtags I used, and the pictures or videos I posted.

My engagement didn’t increase as much as I wanted it to, although I did have an increase in followers. At the beginning of working on her profile, there were 178 followers and now there are 189. Overall, this project was super fun and I would love to continue working on her project to see what more I can do!