Colors – An App For Children

I really love the idea of teaching children. It seems like a lot of fun. The things you learn as a young child become common sense that will benefit you in adulthood. Childhood education is essential. I am not a teacher, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to teach children. The idea I had for my project was to create visuals for an app that would help children learn. I chose to create visuals that went well for an app because I feel like children today use tablets a lot more regularly.

In the beginning, this app was going to be about numbers, words, and colors. I realized that although creating an app with numbers, words, and colors would be fun, creating an app with all of those aspects may be a little bit too much for right now. I narrowed down what I wanted my app to be about, and I chose colors.

I chose to create an app about colors because I knew I wanted my app to have visuals with different colors. I felt I could accomplish this best with Adobe Illustrator. I recently learned how to use Adobe Illustrator really well. I also really love lots of colors, so that made my decision to make visuals for an app about colors even more easy!

Color in the Lines

I knew what I wanted my app to look like, but I had a lot of rough drafts.

The visuals for my app looked like this for awhile.

It wasn’t until I told one of my friends about my app and took their advice that I really got inspired and changed my app completely. The idea I was given was to talk about colors and then go over each color individually. This was really fun!

I talked about each color, illustrated different objects that were these colors, and talked about shading. When I finished making these visual designs, I showed my friend this new rough draft. She gave me some more advice.

My friend told me that my visuals had potential – a lot of them had too many words, and more consistency was needed. She pointed out that if you are a kid learning about colors, you probably don’t know how to read too well. I took her advice and decided to take out a lot of words I had used. I wanted my app to be more visual and simple.

The Final Picture

I ended up changing a couple of things from my second draft. My final piece has a lot more visuals and less words. It looks more simple.

The Next Time I Color

I am really glad I did this project and feel pleased with the end results! I know my work is amateur, but I’m glad I chose to make visual illustrations for a children’s app about colors. I learned a lot of wonderful things from making these visuals. I learned that as I make visuals for a kid’s coloring app, I need to go back in time to when I was learning about colors and relate my-now-self to my-then-self. I also learned so much about Adobe Illustrator! I learned a lot about making rotations, alignment, and the eye-dropper tool. I hope to continue to learn and improve.

Published by Jamie Beeler

Hi! My name is Jamie Beeler and welcome to my portfolio! I am from Oklahoma, but have been living in Idaho for the past three years, studying Visual Communication at Brigham Young University - Idaho. I have become so excited and passionate about Visual Communication. I'm a visual learner, so studying visual communication always felt right. My personal goal with visual communication is for you to see my work and feel an emotion. Emotions have always come to me before words. As I have studied visual communication more, I have loved that through it I can make someone feel something. My end goal for visual communication is to be a brand designer. The visual appeal of a company is very important. But with that, I also really love the idea of working with motion graphics. Many fun options! I can only hope that you enjoy my portfolio! I am an amateur in studying visual communication, but I know that I will always improve. Thanks for stopping by!