Kaylee Cole Project Report

Project Purpose/ Objectives

The purpose of my project was to create a website for a construction company called 3 S Home Services. The goal of this website creation that promotes the company’s services and business. The website was built using WordPress. The objectives I was aiming for this website creation were to develop key messages, identifying audiences, and making sure the website is structured great for the business.

My Project

Home Page

About Us Page

Contact Us Page


There were some challenges throughout the project of creating the website. I was challenged with uploading pictures that I had taken for the website. The pictures ended up being too big to upload. Another challenge I experienced was making time to meet with the company owner and talk about the website, we always ended up doing it but his schedule was busy to work around.

Project Process

The process of this project was long but I feel like it went great. My process step by step throughout the semester:

  • The first step was the define the project objectives and the target audience for the website.
  • The second step was choosing a website design and layout that included fonts, correlating color schemes, and images that align with the business and website.
  • The third step was to create a logo.
  • The fourth step was to develop website content (photographs, pages, contact forms)
  • The fifth step was to create SEO for the website.
  • The sixth step was to test and launch the website to the public.
  • The last step was to promote the business website.

My Experience

My experience with this project was really great. I really enjoy building websites and the whole creation process. I love picking out fonts, color schemes, photographs, layout, and design through the website. It was really awesome to work together with the owner of the business, I know him super well and he was great to work with. I think having the whole project planned out and having a schedule made the experience go more smooth.

Insights and Takeaways

Some insights and takeaways from this project were:

  • Applying my skills to build a website from scratch. This allowed me to apply the skills I already had and applied it to this project. I was also able to gain more skills on a deeper level and will help me in the future.
  • I was able to use the client-oriented approach. I got some insights into how a real-life job with a client would work and how to work efficiently.
  • I was able to create a website that requires planning and organizing. It important to set goals and plan for them while doing a project.
  • Designing a website allowed me to create a user experience.
  • Transferable skills like web design, content creation, project management and problem-solving can be used in other situations and future endeavors.