PR Campaign

Credited:Lovely Bride website


The overall purpose of this campaign was to assist the company Lovely Bride in improving their social media marketing, so that they can improve their overall impressions.


The project was developing an advertising plan for the company Lovely Bride. Specifically the owner of their San Diego Branch, Rebekah Charles Maland who I am currently working with. Lovely Bride is hoping to expand their target audience, but does have issues reaching certain groups. I created an advertising plan including a booklet and slideshow presentation to offer to the client to implement this campaign.

The Goal of this campaign is help the company Lovely Bride expand their target audience, and reach members of the church by offering modest bridal gowns. We will also be working towards expanding Lovely Brides media presence by including more platforms into their marketing to improve impressions and total allocated budget per platform.


The market for bridal shops in the perspective Lovely Bride shop locations is extremely saturated. With a large company like Davids’s Bridal dominating most of the market, it is difficult to stand out. Finding a secure plan that will allow Lovely Bride to develop a media presence will help this company succeed.

Another challenge I found was I was contacting and holding meetings with Mrs. Maland through only online forms of communication. I am currently In Idaho while she is in California, so while developing this campaign I was analyzing data creating questions for her, and asking those questions in meetings once a week.

Project Processes

First part of developign my enitial meeting with Mrs. Maland and learning the details of the campaign I would be working on, and using that data to create an analysis of the company. I then created the outline of my plan using the following overview.

Second step was compiling my data, and imputing that information into a PR booklet for the client. I then had a meeting with the client the following week to discuss the plan that I would be suggesting, and any changes or issues that she may see with the plan.

My final step was revising the booklet, and creating a slideshow presentation to present over Zoom to the client. Distance is a factor for the meeting, so I emailed Maland a copy or the booklet, so she would be able to send it over to supervisors, or store owners,. or any other members of her team.

Overview of the Experience

Overview of the experience was informative, and did prove to be difficult. Any project will have it’s exciting points, but anytime you are working on a large scale project for a company or organization you will run into some difficulties.


Business will always have it’s difficulties and stress, but if you time manage and prepare for challenges then you will be able to solve most issues. I found that the only problem that I ran into was meeting with my client, and issues that I had with setting up meetings while their was distance involved. Even then that issue was minor, and was easily navigated.

This experience allowed me to work with client far away, and was my first opportunity to navigate this complications. I was easily able to set up interviews with her. One issue I did find was setting up meetings with my own supervisors on this project that were in Idaho as well, but that issue was easily navigated and became low stress once I was able to develop my plan.