Establishing a Marketing Agency

Project purpose or objectives.

I have done marketing on the side for a while now, but I decided it was time to get serious. There can be some good money in marketing for businesses, and I set out with the goal to become better at Facebook Ads. I started out with lofty goals of getting lots of clients and making a huge portfolio. I wanted to become a true expert in Facebook Ads. 

My goals starting out: Get 10 clients. Become an expert in Facebook Ads. Establish a Marketing Agency.

I ended up with 5 clients. After realizing how hard it is to get clients, I’m pretty proud of this! I did start a Facebook Page for my agency, and it’s still a work in progress. I created a logo and am excited to keep it going!

The project (samples of the work produced or the final product).

These are some of the ads I made for my clients. You can see the results. Some are better than others. The main goal is to get more messages, so that people book. As you can see, there were a lot of messages started!!

The most effective ad created is the first photo shows. This ad was shown to people in the Logan, Utah area. It resulted in 177 messages (actually 182 since I took the photo). Not all of these messages led to bookings, but my client is very pleased with the amount of appointments that were scheduled from this ad!

The 5th photo shows a microblading ad for a different client. I’m proud of this ad, because I have learned that running ads for higher-end beauty services in the Idaho Falls area costs more than in some locations, like SLC. This ad performed well, and for a little over a week my client was able to book some clients. I am in the process of making her a new ad, in hopes of reaching more of this demographic. I made this Facebook audience very broad. I made it all ages of women in the Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and surrounding areas. This is the audience I have found to be effective for the purpose of this ad.

Challenges encountered in completing the project.

The hardest part was getting clients to market for. It’s hard to become an expert in something if you don’t have enough time to actually do it! I looked for people to market for on Facebook and Instagram. I tried a few different messaging tactics. The messaging tactic I found to be the most effective was to be casual. When I would just send someone a long pitch of my services, they would typically not be interested or not even reply. However, when I message someone something like, “Hey! I love your work! Are you taking new clients?” They are typically much more responsive. If I engage in genuine conversation with these business owners, then when I bring up my marketing services they feel a sense of safety. It seems like an acquaintance is offering their services, rather than a stranger who just wants to make money. So, the bottom line is, casually pitching my services is the most effective method I have found so far. 

Project processes.The process of my project can be summed up simply. 

  1. Search for clients.
    1. This involves finding social media accounts that could use help. They have to want more clients, and be somewhat active already. 
  2. Pitch my marketing services
  3. Set up META Business Suite
    1. This can be challenging… but we have to get me added to their Business Account. 
  4. Make ads for the client
  5. Bill the client for the ads and services they chose 
  6. Review ads and see how they can be improved and optimized. 

An overview of the experiences you had.

I had an interesting time interacting with one of my new clients. I started making ads for a lady in Idaho Falls who does permanent makeup. She has a good following, but her social media could use some help. Her images aren’t the best quality, which creates a certain image for people who look at her page. I started making ads for her microblading services. I learned that I have room for improvement in my communication with clients. If an ad isn’t performing well, or if there’s something that she notices, she will pause the ad I’ve made and try her best to boost a post really quickly. I’ve had to learn that different clients require different kinds of communication. It’s better for this client if I update her frequently for a while after a new ad is made. 
Another client I have is not a new one, but I have tried some new tactics for her. She is also a microblading artist, and I have been handling her marketing for a couple years. I handle her ads and messaging. Messaging potential clients is a version of sales, and I have been able to improve my skills. I have saved messages that I send routinely to people. For example, when someone sends a picture of their brows, I have a boiler-plate text that I always send to them, and it essentially asks them if they’d like to book an appointment. I’ve tried some messages that are more personal and friendly. If I message clients with their ‘vibe’ in mind, it can lead to more bookings and greater success. 
Facebook ads are pretty simple if you understand what you’re doing. For example, some people think including interests is an effective way to make an audience for ads. Making a big audience is very effective, so I’ve actually seen success by not adding specific interests and details into the demographics. 
One of my clients currently has an Etsy shop, and she wants to get into using Facebook Ads. I researched some articles and YouTube videos that explain how to set up your Facebook page for an Etsy shop. I sent her all of the resources and links, so that she could start her Facebook page. Unfortunately, she didn’t end up setting up her page, However, I am glad I was able to do this research. I learned about how important it is for businesses that want to use Facebook ads to have a good Facebook page for their business. If a business doesn’t have visual credibility, their ads aren’t going to lead to much. I learned some pointers on how businesses can gain followers and credibility when they are just starting their Facebook presence. 

What insights or takeaways you have gained from the project.

There have been a few insights and takeaways from this project. I plan to continue gaining clients and growing this into a marketing business. These are some of my insights & takeaways:- it takes more work and effort to gain clients than it seems – being personable is more effective in marketing – clients are like high maintenance friends, they require constant contact and need to be treated sensitively – Facebook ads are pretty easy to understand once you’ve got it down. – longer text in ads works well! – you need to have a following on Facebook in order for your ads to be effective. 

Moving forward I am excited to continue expanding my clientele. I am going to continue reaching out to people with small and medium sized businesses. I want to eventually grow this into my full-time income source. I am excited to see where KennaMedia leads!!