Natalie Elowitt- Scroll Social Media Guide




Project Description

My senior project was a client project for the BYU-Idaho Scroll. Many positions at the Scroll have a guidebook in case somebody new takes over a position. This book should help them know how to best perform their job. While this project falls into digital/social, journalism and public relations,

There is a lot of turnover when it comes to Scroll’s social media manager position, and there is no guidebook on how to run the position. This causes inconsistency in the brand and a large learning curve to be overcome almost every three months. When I took over the position this semester, I had a ton to learn, and it took me almost the entire semester to really get a good grasp of what I needed to do. In order to prevent this from happening again, I created a social media guide for future social media managers to use.

I provided John Thompson with digital and physical copies of the book for future social media managers and a slightly different edition for faculty members. Both copies of the book include information about navigating Hootsuite, understanding and presenting our analytics, writing effective captions, fairly moderating comments and producing successful content at General Conference.

How I spent my time

Studying and working in analytics- 8 hours

Scheduling/Troubleshooting in Hootsuite- 4 hours a week over 4 weeks- 16 hours

Meeting with my client- 1.5 hours

Writing social media guide- 20 hours

Editing social media guide- 3 hours

Book design- 3 hours

Shooting and editing video and blog post- 4 hours

 54.5 total hours

Final Products

I created two, 16-page long books, one for faculty members and one for future social media managers. Click the links below to take a look at each of those.


Overall, I believe this project has been very successful. I reached the goals that I set for myself. I created a 16-page book with data-driven information that will help future social media managers of the Scroll. I’ve created a guide that I wish I would have had at the beginning of this semester. My client is also very pleased with the final product. I learned a ton doing this project, and I’ve come out of this with a great piece to add to my portfolio.