Jayda Abbott – Lily Manor – Redesign and Rebrand

Visual Communication     Project Summary To begin my senior showcase project, I will be creating and modifying a personalized website to showcase Lily Manor’s interior design projects, real estate listings, and customer testimonials. This website will be a landing page for all of Lily Manors clients. To fulfill Lily Manor’s website needs, this websiteContinue reading “Jayda Abbott – Lily Manor – Redesign and Rebrand”

Iris Aguila – Hispanic Recipes for the Everyday Person

Visual Communication     Project Summary With a mother from Peru, a father from El Salvador, a nanny from Colombia, and being raised in Los Angeles County, I have grown up with a variety of different Hispanic cultures and foods that have strongly influenced my taste palette. For my senior project, I have created anContinue reading “Iris Aguila – Hispanic Recipes for the Everyday Person”

Stephen Bannister – Three Market Kings – Car Reviews

Advertising     Intro Video Project Summary After about 60 hours of cleaning, freezing, filming, and editing, a new car review of the Toyota Rav4, Ford F-150, and Toyota Camry was born. This project is a passionate one to me because I love talking about cars and knowing what makes them prime for the marketContinue reading “Stephen Bannister – Three Market Kings – Car Reviews”

Preston Boling – Outthinker Strategy Network 2x Plan

Strategical Organization     Project Summary For my Senior Project, I have taken over the Outthinker Strategy Network account at my job at Kinext. I am responsible for doubling their members and revenue for the next year. I plan to do this by critiquing all communication till it is essentially rinse, wash, repeat. Outthinker StrategyContinue reading “Preston Boling – Outthinker Strategy Network 2x Plan”

Darius Burke – Substance Use Disorders: Causes, Types, & Treatments

Strategical Communication     Project Summary My senior project is all about increasing the education of substance use disorders (SUDs) of the nearby populace I can reach, and in doing so I will also be raising the awareness of SUDs in my local area. The end goal for my senior project is to provide individualsContinue reading “Darius Burke – Substance Use Disorders: Causes, Types, & Treatments”

Katey Busche – The Sewing Basket

Public Relations     Project Summary Something I’ve learned throughout my college career while studying public relations is that you learn and do a little bit of everything. That is exactly what I ended up doing for this project. I worked for a local fabric and quilting store called The Sewing Basket. I wanted toContinue reading “Katey Busche – The Sewing Basket”

Dal Araújo – Building a YouTube Channel

Digital and Social Media     Project Summary For this project I took a deep dive into what it takes to make a YouTube Channel successful. YouTube is currently the second largest search engine used around the world. Being able to know how to work the analytics and make a brand successful through the mediumContinue reading “Dal Araújo – Building a YouTube Channel”