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Project Summary

Gamer’s Getaway is a mobile game truck business located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their goal as a company is to create a fun environment for all ages to enjoy. For my senior project, I created and started their Instagram page, created a PR campaign for them, and made a short little video for them to promote their business on social media. I also created flyers for various events I have planned for them, hosted creative meetings weekly with the owners, and helped redesign their logo. My main tactics in this campaign were to build their social media following, and plan various events for Gamer’s Getaway to host or be involved in to gain business and become a more central part of the Las Vegas community.


I originally was hoping to implement some of these campaign elements, but sadly due to the current global pandemic the game truck just recently opened so these events are planned for a later date. While doing research for the campaign I realized that past customers wanted the game truck to be involved in more events and becoming more active on Instagram. The survey also revealed that a lot of the past and future customers would be feel safe renting the game truck during these crazy times. The main event I had planned for Gamer’s Getaway is a back to school bash, where details are discussed in my campaign. The goal of this event is to celebrate the start of a new school year, while offering free food, dessert, and gaming services for all who attend.


My goal of the campaign is to gain more business and become more of a staple in the Las Vegas community. The objectives are to have 500 followers by the end of the December, increase business sales by 10% each month (after things are allowed to open up concerning COVID-19), and create events that are targeted for the primary and secondary audience. My campaign will achieve this by implementing the tactics I have created such as planning/ participating in various community events, and working on their social media presence.


Details are down below in my plan. Creating this campaign has been great and I’m excited that this project allowed me to enhance my PR skills.


Booth Details

Supplemental Materials

Gamer’s Getaway Video Ad

Handouts Made for Campaign

Time Accounting of Project

Week 1: Discussed the project in detail with my brother, whose company I’m doing the project for. Wrote out my project description for class and figured out what I wanted to do for my project. 4 hours

Week 2: Met with Brother Henderson about my project. Laid out plan and wrote out how I wanted to shoot my video, and helped re design my brothers business logo. 6 hours

Week 3: Started posting on social media, started creating campaign book, and had a weekly meeting with my sister in law about social media and business tactics. I also created a survey to send out to past customers to see if they would be comfortable booking again with COVID concerns. 5 hours

Week 4: Discussed social media posts and strategies with my sister in law. Also had a meeting with my sister in law for an hour teaching her how to use Instagram and facebook correctly to promote a business for after I stop running their social media. I have continued working on my PR campaign book and have planned out my video I’m recording in two weeks in detail. 6 hours

Week 5: This week I had my hour long zoom meeting with my sister in law to discuss social media plans. Then we talked about the video we are filming next weekend. This week I designed my PR book and continued working on it. 4 hours

Week 6: Had my weekly hour meeting, and continued working on my PR plan. I also had the opportunity to film my commercial. I also stating to editing my video. 7 hours

Week 7: Continue editing the video. I also continued working on my PR campaign and social media campaign. I also have created different visuals for my presentation. 6 hours

Week 8: Continued working on my social media campaign and kept editing my PR book. Analyzed survey data and included it in my PR campaign. Had a meeting with my sister in law and they are set to open at the end of June. I also finished editing my video. 5 hours

Week 9: This week I focused on my video presentation. I bought various things for the presentation and had things printed. I also wrapped up my PR campaign and I’m now in the editing stages. I have also continued to work on running social media and had my weekly planning meeting with my sister in law. 6 hours

Week 10: Finished editing my PR campaign, finished putting together elements of my campaign, recorded my presentation, and typed up my report. 7 hours

=56 hours

Moving the Needle

-Instagram following will be tracked by seeing how much of a following they’ve gained from the beginning of July to the end of December. The goal is to have 500 followers (roughly 450 more than we have now). We can see how much of a following they’ve gained by looking at their Instagram page.

-Track and see how much more business the game truck gets every month. The goal is to increase 10% in sales each month. The game truck will do this by evaluating the business and revenue they have brought in month to month.

-Look and see if business has a positive jump after the back to school event. Also seeing if the business has had a jump after becoming more involved with the community (harvest festivals, giveaways, etc). This allow the business to decided if putting money into events will be beneficial to Gamer’s Getaway.”