Alberto Vazquez: Logitech Marketing Campaign








When creating this Senior project, I was able to apply all the things I learned in my advertising classes in one book. I was able to show something that I am capable of doing that I will be putting in my portfolio. With this project I ran into hurdles I had to jump over I initially did not foresee. For example, I ran into some issues with gaining quality photos that I could use or edit to make work for my creative ads.



The goals for this campaign were to gain awareness for Logitech to use the resources they have already poured money in to. For example, I wanted to focus on the professionals that they have contracts with and organizations they work with. When I was doing my research, I came to the realization that they have not used organizations or professionals as much as they should. It is a free resource to them, they can use since they give them free products and pay them based on contracts.

Work that was Completed

I went on to produce a creative brief showing what type of research I conducted as well as showing what angle this campaign will be taking. I completed some creative advertising for the said channels that we chose for the advertising campaign. I was able to create these advertising materials through the fundamentals I learned. I followed the usual advertising campaign books. For my mock campaign, I used a lighter approach to this campaign book showing more on the research and creative side of the book.

Creative examples








The end results that I got from this campaign where great! I was able to apply what I have learned from my years in school. I was able to gain full insight into what my plans are with my advertising goals and I feel I will be able to achieve my goals. This is a Campaign book that I can put in my portfolio and say that I did all the work for and gained new experiences from research and insights for materials needed to make a good campaign.