Kelsey O’Connor






Being an Organizational Communications emphasis I wanted to do something that could help make a difference in my community. I worked with a local credit union to come up with and implement ideas into a presentation for High School students to help them reach their financial dreams. I have kept a log of the days I worked with them and what I did to make this possible.

Here is a video presenting the presentation and teaching you how to give it.


I created two other themes here are the starting images so you can see how different they are!







Senior Project Timeline

This is my Timeline I have been creating all semester documenting what I have done and how I created my Presentation. 

April – 4 hours

4/20- Our First class 5-6 1 hour 

4/27- Second class 1 hour and brainstorming for a project 1 hour 

4/28- Meeting with supervisors at Mountain America Credit Union to pitch my project of a presentation to High schoolers about basic baking 1 hour


May- 18 hours 

5/4- Meet with Brother Skinner to pitch my project with him. .5 hour

5/5- First meeting with MACU marketing department 1 hour

5/6 – Create my first draft and outline 3 hours 

5/7- Create second draft 1.5 hours

5/13- Pitch my first draft to the marketing department and got feedback on what to apply 1 hour

-Applying feedback 2 hours and changing the design

5/15 Created a survey for my coworkers to get more ideas on what to include 1 hour 

5/18 Distributing survey .5 hours

5/20 Meeting with the marketing department and distributing the survey to the team 1 hour

5/22 Gathering data .5 hours 

5/27 Making a new outline on what to include 2 hours 

5/29 Creating a master list and narrowing down creating my third presentation 4 hours 


June- 29 hours

6/1- Research on how student spend money and how to help them make a budget 2 hours 

6/2- Creating main points for each slide and making a list of high schools to start within Idaho and Utah. 4 hours

6/3- Meeting with the Marketing department about the different things to cover and adding budgeting to the list for 1 hour. Entering the first part of the information 2 hours 

6/4- Entering the second part of information 1 hour

6/8- Creating a survey of what people wish they knew about banking and posting it to my Facebook and asking others to share 2 hours

6/10- Meeting with marketing and going through the list of high schools to contact 1 hour

6/11- Showing my work team what I have done and asked for advice 1 hour

6/15- Gathering the information about what people wish they knew and added fraud and goals to the project 3 hours

6/17- Pitching all of the major points to the marketing department 1 hour

6/18- Creating the first draft with information 5 hours change some design 

6/24- Showing this draft to the Marketing department and getting final feedback 1 hour

6/25- Fixing PowerPoint 2 hours 

6/29- Finishing Powerpoint and adding talking points to the document so anyone can present it 3 hours 


July- 3 hours

7/1 Final Pitch and present to Marketing 1 hour 

7/2 Final record for class and uploading documents 4 hours 

Total of 56 hours 

Thank you so much for listening and hopefully you learned something about banking today!